13 Must Know Appliance Buying Tips

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Think of it this way: Unlike a rug, lamp, or hat, you can’t take it back—or at least not easily. That’s why it’s called a major appliance. Here are 13 ways to avoid major buyer’s remorse.

Learn From Others’ Mistakes
I know one sadder-but-wiser home cook who won’t shut up about her pricey gas range making an annoying click click click…click click click… when the burners are set on low. Well, others suffer so you won’t have to. Your friends will be all too willing to share their appliance-related delights and bitter disappointments. Invite yourself over to kick the tires of their new front-load washer, induction cooktop, or stainless-steel microwave. Ask if which features please them most, how often they’ve had to call for repairs, and what they’d do differently if they could do it again.

Never Make an Impulse Buy
Admit it—you almost bought a car once because it had really great cup holders. You can avoid similar behavior in an appliance showroom by making a list of your priority features (“energy efficient,” “lifetime warranty”). Staple it to a list of competing showrooms and Web retailers so you