Tips to Make Your Kitchen Disappear

Built-In Beauty
As floor plans open up, integrated appliances help make spaces look like extended parts of the living areas. What appears to be a serving buffet actually conceals a dishwasher and an undercounter refrigerator. Many appliance manufacturers offer the option of custom fronts that can be matched to surrounding cabinets and furniture, making workhorse appliances virtually disappear from view.

Minimalist Essentials
With its basic white-on-white scheme, demure black countertops, and stainless steel accents, this modern kitchen in Berlin is calm and quiet. The real heros are the frameless Euro-style cabinets with touch-latch doors — an absence of pulls and knobs helps keep the small kitchen from looking too busy.

The Pretty (and Practical) Pantry
No need for a walk-in pantry when you have a cleverly designed cabinet like this one. Every inch — including the back of the doors — gets put to good use hiding small appliances, stashing jars of spices and condiments, and storing utensils.

Undercounter Cool
Drawer-type refrigerators let you squeeze fridges and freezers into lower cabinets. Great for small kitchens or to sneak an extra refrigerator right next to a busy workspace. Add drawer fronts that match surrounding cabinetry for a sleek, modern look.

Hide-Able Doors
Streamlined simplicity is the theme with this bank of built-in cabinets, aided by doors that swing open, then slide back to disappear inside the cabinet body. That kind of versatility lets you create an open-shelf look, or close everything up to hide small appliances and knicknacks behind a smooth, nearly seamless facade.

Or Not!
Hideaway kitchens and camouflaged appliances may be Euro traditions we love, but so are those wonderfully big rustic stoves that evoke images of fabulous meals at a country estate in Provence (not that we’ve been!) Beauties such as this Swedish-made AGA feature every modern convenience, including five ovens.