The Most Important Aspects to Remember when Selecting a Shower Enclosure

Having a shower enclosure in your bathroom is no longer a matter of practicality – there are many models out there, and the modern shower enclosure is as much a reflection of personal style and beauty as a useful method of getting clean. A shower enclosure takes up a good amount of space and is for obvious reasons an attention-grabbing item in the room. So how do we choose which fits our bathroom best? Here are the most important aspects to remember when selecting a shower enclosure.


The major limitations on which shower enclosure to install will be determined by the amount of space you have available in your bathroom. It’s not just the floor space you have to measure – also take the available height into consideration. The amount of space available will not just determine the size of the shower tray, but also which doors you use.

phpvoltChecking the walls

The type of shower tray will largely be determined by the walls as well – will the shower enclosure be in a corner, in the middle of the wall, or in a separate enclosed area? For example, if you want to have your shower in the middle of a wall, you may want a D-shaped tray. The walls will also determine the positioning (think of plumbing requirements).

Type of glass

There are different kinds of glass – all of them will be tempered though; 8 millimetre or 10 millimetre thick glass is very strong and highly durable, but so is 6 millimetre glass. The thicker the glass, the stronger it will be; however, it will also be heavier and may require extra strong framework and support.

Should you get a tray?

There are shower enclosures that come without trays – although most come with a shower tray. The latter is preferable since then you are sure the tray will fit the shower enclosure. Buying a tray separately will require precise measurements and extra installation.

The right tiles

You don’t need tiles on every part of the wall of the shower – however, you need to be careful with the kind of tiles you choose. The tiles on the walls should be easy to clean and maintain.

And here is another aspect that is often forgotten by designers or homeowners: should you have a right hand or left hand fitting? Should shower enclosures open to the right or to the left? Check any windows, doors, and other obstructions to see where there is the most space – but keep, of course, the comfort of the user in mind. Choosing and designing the right shower enclosure is an important part of creating a comfortable and luxurious bathroom, so it’s wise to take your time and consider all aspects of the enclosure before making a decision.

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