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V-Series 2MP Exterior Bullet

The left input cord powers Page 14 8 channels 3xLOGIC VX-2A-IMD-X IP Camera right power input cord powers channels and the controller s microcomputer. If you plug both power cords into one circuit, then the controller would have at most 20 amps available, but more likely, the circuit is a 15 amp circuit, so that s all you ll have available. If you can plug the two power cords into separate circuits, then the full 30 amp capacity of the controller will be available. We will talk about only the right channels for now. The same discussion applies to the left channels.

The maximum current for all right channels is 15 amps. So you have to divide up your lights on the 8 channels so you don t exceed these two limits. You could put 1 amp on 7 channels and 8 amps on the last one and that would be 15 amps. Or, you could put 2 3xLOGIC VX-2A-IMD-X IP Camera on 6 channels, 1 amp on another channel and 2 amps on the last channel and that would be 15 amps.


The same computation applies to the left bank of channels. Remember, if the controller is plugged into only one circuit in your house, then both the left and right banks total current must not exceed what that circuit can supply.

Christmas Light Power Consumptions The following table gives the approximate current consumption for various types of Christmas lights. You can see that you can get a lot of LEDs with very little power. Make a chart of all the lights you want to 3xLOGIC VX-2A-IMD-X IP Camera to the controller s channels and then work out the numbers to see if you hit any limits. If they are not, channels 3xLOGIC VX-2A-IMD-X IP Camera not be flashing in sync with the Show Director or PC. Controller has booted correctly and is waiting for commands. The controller is not connected to a Light O Rama network or the network is not active. LED is on solid: Controller is connected to an active network is receiving the heartbeat and commands from a PC, a Show Director or another controller LED blinks on for a long pulse and off for a short pulse: Controller firmware needs to be downloaded.

See the Updating Controller Firmware section. Controller is running a standalone sequence or downloading firmware.

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For example, in a sequence that you construct, a channel you call Front door may be assigned to Unit ID 03 circuit Because the controllers are daisy chained together, every controller sees every command sent but Unit 03 will only react to commands that are marked for Unit The two hexadecimal rotary dip switches shown in the next 3xLOGIC VX-2A-IMD-X IP Camera are used to set a controller s Unit ID. To set the Unit ID to 01, the left rotary switch would be set to 0 and the right rotary switch would be set to 1. See Appendix A for a conversion of Hexadecimal controller unit IDs set 3xLOGIC VX-2A-IMD-X IP Camera the switches and their decimal equivalents. Stand Alone Speed Control A standalone sequence is a sequence that has been downloaded into the flash memory of the lighting controller.

See the Stand Alone Operation section for more information. Page 17 Page 18 10 This little potentiometer allows you to adjust the speed at which a standalone sequence is executed.


In the center position the sequence will execute at the rate specified in the sequence. That is 1 second in the sequence will take 1 second 3xLOGIC VX-2A-IMD-X IP Camera execute. The sequence may pause slightly when adjusting the speed.

If you have already installed the RS adapter and verified its operation with another controller, you can skip to the Creating A Sequence section. Once power has been supplied to the the Status LED will begin to 3xLOGIC VX-2A-IMD-X IP Camera.

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This indicates that the Unit is functioning and that there is no communication. Follow the instructions that came with the software to install it. Normally, you would not connect anything to this header, however, for standalone operation the figure above shows how to connect a switch to the controller. This switch can be 3xLOGIC VX-2A-IMD-X IP Camera to start a stand alone sequence. If you have an SC PC serial port adapter, shown on the left in the following pictureyou need only plug it into an available PC 9-pin serial port. The cable from this serial adapter to the controller is limited to or less. Page 19 Page 20 11 If you have one of the USB adapters shown in the previous picture on the center and rightfollow the installation instructions that came with the adapter to install it.

If your adapter has two jacks, you can use either. If you are using telephone cable to connect your controller to the RS adapter, plug one end of the phone cable into the adapter and the other end of the cable into the Phone Cable In jack as indicated in the next picture. With your controller powered up and cabled to your PC, click the Auto Configure button on the top left. It will then search through all ports on your PC looking for the port being used by Light O Rama and you will see this window:The VX-2A-IMD-X is a fully functional indoor IP camera with advanced analytics capabilities.

These cameras can be connected to a DVR or act as a standalone recording device. The interior mini dome offers high-definition video at full x resolution for indoor video. VX-2A-IMD-X. V-Series 2MP Interior Mini Dome Camera. End User Solutions · Products · Support · Resources · About · Data Privacy · Facebook · Twitter.

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