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Until this point all GPU coolers would just let Abit Siluro GeForce hot air vent right back into the case. These coolers are very popular effective but have a couple of downsides: They take up two PCI card slots. They are loud when the fan spools up. In some cases very loud.

ABit Siluro GeForce FX5200 DT 128MB

The air gets sucked into the turbine looking fan in the middle there and then all vented out the back. This blower system is sealed so the hot air never escapes back into the PC case. This is the crux Abit Siluro GeForce what makes this cooling solution so attractive! Thanks random eBay seller!


MadOnion did a good job with this benchmark and this is the reason it has become one of the most popular benchmarking tools. It stresses most aspects of the system with the Abit Siluro GeForce weighting being the graphics card and the CPU.

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As expected the Abit Siluro GeForce chipset pulls out a very comfortable lead over the other two cards. This is the first time I have seen a graphics card almost break that magical 10k barrier at default.


That is no less than stunning performance. As we have said constantly here at Hexus, anything above a score at default with 3DMarkSE is a system more than capable of playing any currently available game with ease. You can see the benchmark here. The score attained wasthis is breaking the 10k barrier and then some. Almost reaching 11k and still at default is simply overwhelming. This quite obviously shows that the GF4 is sitting around waiting for the CPU to pass information to it, no overclocking Abit Siluro GeForce the GF4 Ti chipset would be needed at all for a extremely high 3DMark score.

PassMark - ABIT Siluro T - Price performance comparison

With this benchmark I will run it at 3 different resolutions. First x then x and then finally x Lets take a look at the results when compared to the other cards: Obviously there is some discrepancy between the results. Unfortunately because the other two cards scores that are shown here Abit Siluro GeForce on precisely the same computer specification the results are somewhat off. The difference could be because of many different factors, the major two being the motherboard and the driver version. Of course there are Abit Siluro GeForce things to consider such as bios settings, ram timings and ram speeds. However I find it strange that this occurrence hasn't shown up in any of the other benchmarks I have performed. You can see that every other benchmark is achieving the expected range of results.

I think its safe to say we can disregard these results from a comparison point of view.

Quake 3 - v1. This is a standard benchmark that most reviews include and is right Abit Siluro GeForce there Abit Siluro GeForce popularity with 3DMark Quake 3 has been scoring incredible marks even with the GeForce3, now using a GeForce4 we should expect nothing less than stunning. Lets see how the new NVidia chipset performs in the real gaming world. As before the resolutions are x then x and then finally x In this real world benchmark the GeForce4 Ti series of card is setting new standards and breaking old records. As expected the low resolution benchmarks are high, but where the GF4 Ti chipset shines through is at the higher resolutions. Only 20fps have been dropped between x to x In fact the GF4 Ti score is higher than the Tis low resolution score.

The higher the resolution the less CPU dependant Abit Siluro GeForce card gets. This is why we see such a huge improvement at the top end of the scale. Abit's Siluro GeForce 4 Ti A Sub $ Power-House! By - Robert Maloney May 23, With every revision of the GeForce line from. Right on the heels of reviewing Abit?s Siluro GeForce 4 TiI got a chance to look at the flagship Abit Siluro GF4 Ti as well. In that last.

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