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Want to know if that peripheral is compatible with Linux?

Linux SG FAQ

Notices Welcome to LinuxQuestions. You are currently viewing LQ as a guest. Electrical repairs and connections must only be performed by a AGFA SCSI Channel electrician Mechanical repairs and connections must only be performed by a qualified technician. The safety directions for operation see section 12 are also valid for all service activities.


AGFA SCSI Channel During all service activities observe prescribed local and country-specific requirements e. All existing screw connections must be tightened sufficiently firmly, but they AGFA SCSI Channel not be overstressed when tightening. There must always be compliance with stated torque values! Damaged or missing screws may be replaced only with the same screw types that have the specified hardness rating. Unless a different value is listed in the instructions, all Allen screws used must be hardness rated 8. All screws must be secured in accordance with the corresponding data. If "Loctite" has to be used to secure screws, this is stated in the text.

Any Agfa service PC or tool which is to be connected via RS ,RJ45, USB or other interface to an Agfa device must not be connected to the mains but must be operated on its internal battery or indirect supply low voltage. PCBs the following points must be observed: Never touch any AGFA SCSI Channel or components on PCBs with your bare fingers.

Never carry a PCB without protection bag and walk on carpet or plastic floor covering electrostatic charge. Static discharge at electrical components: Static discharge! Electrical components may be destroyed: Electrical device. Shock possible. Local and International wiring regulations must be observed.

Check all supplies and voltages, currents, trips and fuses with the Hospital facilities department or their engineers. AGFA SCSI Channel means that, although it is absolutely safe, patients may not come in direct contact with the equipment. Therefore the operator console must be placed outside a radius of 1.

Agfa Snapscan Scanner with Linux

No ongoing computer virus protection or network security for this medical device is provided e. With an output resolution of 72, 96,, and dpi. The scanner also utilises Epson's Micro Step Drive, a scanning technology designed to reduce "jaggies" and colour irregularities by advancing the scan head in extremely small, precise increments. The MD scanner offers 90 page-per-minute speed images in duplex as well as a paper-path design utilising brake-roller separation technology. The AGFA SCSI Channel is designed to provide improvements in image quality with advanced functions such as background removal, text enhancement, image emphasis, noise removal and automatic separation of text and graphics.


The really confusing thing, is that despite Adaptec claiming that the boards are no longer supported, Vista does have drivers to support these boards, but these will then work only for disks - but not scanners; there are no diagnostic messages from the rotten piece of software - the things just do nothing! How I hate cretins AGFA SCSI Channel don't know how to code! Here's where I generally get a bit muddled. People talk about "compiling things into the kernal" and that sounds kinda scary. But you can load in modules after you've booted up manually, and that's what I do. So, as root, issue the following commands: It is deprecated and its interface structure is "hidden" from the user space.

Still it is useful in some contexts.

Scanner "Agfa Snapscan 1236 s"

What follows is a summary of its interface structure which users need to replicate in their programs: There is no way to override this. See this following url: This is required due to a design limitation in the original sg driver interface. An additional interface has been added in the version 3 sg driver which is now available in lk 2. SCSI Channel on Adaptec AHA PCI AGFA SCSI Channel Controller Driver FotoLook actual Win 98, & XP TWAIN driver for some older AGFA scanners, e.g. Here is a step by step manual guide AGFA SCSI Channel AGFA EPPSCSI Miniport Driver software installation SCSI Channel on Adaptec AHAU PCI SCSI Controller.

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