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MJPEG stream 3.

RTSP stream 3. Frequently asked questions H.

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Introduction network camera is based on Hisilicon network solutions, using the embedded Linux operating system, supporting P 25fps HD video, with industry-leading international standard H video compression algorithms, H, MJPEG encoding, can easily achieve high-definition image of low transmission network bandwidth. Arecont Vision AV1125 IP Camera addition, it takes the high sensitivity image sensor, we demonstrate sharp and clear HD picture quality network camera with ease and convenience, using an IP-based video system, you only need a RJ45 network cable to connect to the network, built power-over-Ethernet module allows the power directly from the network, reducing installation wiring, built-in WEB server to support management via internet explore browser and configure the camera, monitor and monitor engineering solutions for a variety of occasions.

Supported Cameras

You buy network video camera products should contain the following items in the box, if you find that some of these articles was not found in the product packaging, you can contact your local agent or a product manufacturer. Included in the product packaging: Hisilicon operating system: Can connect to Arecont Vision AV1125 IP Camera network devices, such as switches, routers, and so on 3Audio output connection audio output device, such as a stereo, amplifier, speakers 4SD card slot Connection SD card, the biggest support 32 G SD card 5Audio input connection audio input device, such as a pickup, microphone 6Video analog signal output interface This interface to reserve the function, not to use 7WIFI antenna interface If the camera with WIFI function.

Accessories Power supply adapter Input: Camera installation Pre-installation considerations 1. Please double check when you opened the box, confirm the list of articles and a consistent.

Please read this chapter carefully before installation. When you install, be sure to turn off all power related equipment.

Arecont Vision Products - Buy Megapixel Camera, Lenses, Promotions, Prices, Bargains

If the device is not working properly, please contact your device dealer purchase, do not disassemble or modify the device in any way. Problems caused by the unauthorized modification or repair, at your own responsibility.

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Connect power supply DC 12Vwhen the power led is lit, the device starts H. By cable the camera access to your networked or directly connected PC, network network within 5 seconds under normal circumstances led green is lit, physical connection of the camera is complete Connect the RJ45 network cable yellow led: Change the camera network parameters Factory default setting network parameters of the camera: IP address of the camera is IE interface operations in detail, read the documentation that comes with the product CD "network camera IE operations manual" 3. Connect to the CMS software CMS software is that we provide a free monitoring software for camera, cameras and NVR products can connect us, supports up to 64 channel preview and 4-channel Arecont Vision AV1125 IP Camera, supports motion detection, stability is it simple to use and powerful features.


The camera "Preview" interface, double-click the camera icon to begin the preview camera images H. Mjpeg stream In the browser, enter the address mobile.


First of all you want to know the camera's Web URL address, such as These cameras are able to monitor their surroundings without having to rotate the camera itself. Between these two systems there are several models from which to choose, including ones with day and night viewing capabilities.

The AV is just one of Arecont's many SurroundVideo capable cameras that has the fastest frame rate on the market. Some of its key features are: It's the world's first 8MP H.

Advance Technolgy System & Solution Co., Ltd.

Unmatched High Definition resolution to replace up to 24 analog cameras. IP66 and vandal resistant dome, which saves money by reducing replacement costs.

Forensic zooming which enables security personnel to review video and focus on suspect items, people, or events. It has many of the same capabilities as the AVC0, with additional key features of: The camera has a die-cast aluminum chassis with 5.


megapixel,AV,H,MJPEG,MegaView Series,Arecont Vision. Arecont Vision offers the best megapixel IP camera. Arecont IP cameras products are available in MP, p, 3MP, 5MP, 10MP and 20MP.

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