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The board can then display pixels on lines, black and white. Television pic- tures in this mode are start- ing to approach standard US TV quality pictures. During most of the time, RAM is in the read ATI KV SPECTRE SL DESKTOP 95W, This causes the video data to be valid on the internal data bus. This integrated circuit has 18 registers.

In order to make the board operational, the registers must be pre- loaded before a picture can be displayed on the card. The routine cannot be executed without software additions. The ini- tialization constants were chosen to display an image with the minimum amount of tearing and proper cen- tering on a 9-inch RCA Color Trak TV set The TV set was interfaced to the video card by a Radio Shack rf modu- lator. This crystal ATI KV SPECTRE SL DESKTOP 95W was chosen to display an active picture time of 42 microseconds, The initialization software of the is used to fine- tune this display time.

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The entire card is designed to display an SSTV picture continuously. Since the card must be powered by an external source different from the computer, power can be dropped on the computer and ATI KV SPECTRE SL DESKTOP 95W display will still be active. Program example for SSTV transmission. This causes a small white line to appear on the display.

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The direct memory access DMA scheme used ATI KV SPECTRE SL DESKTOP 95W the card is very simple in principle. At this time, VDC buffers U12 and U13 are floated on the address bus and the counter buffers drive the bus. The dig- ital display data is latched from the data bus at the cor- rect time by the 74LS U24; the black and white is twice the rate of the color.

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The 74LS U39 is latched from the data bus every nanoseconds. This data is fed to both the black and white and color modulators A multiplexer is used to feed the black and white mod- ulator. Black and White Mod- ulator. The black and white modulator is fed from the multiplexer, U Since 4 bits are used, the modulator is restricted to 16 possible gray levels per pixel. The value of this capacitor can be optimized to produce the picture most desirable. The absence of the ATI KV SPECTRE SL DESKTOP 95W produces a more digitized picture.

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The SSTV modulator functions by clocking the picture data on the latch. The data is next transferred to the LM which converts the digital pixels to difference and luminance signals. These signals are internally con- nected to the color modu- lator which provides com- posite color video. Three additional signals are provided to the LM, blanking, sync pulse, and a burst gate. The loca- tion of the burst gate must be adjusted to the correct position on the horizontal- blanking ATI KV SPECTRE SL DESKTOP 95W porch.


This is the only adjustment on the board. The digital data to the LM U32 is in the for- mat of 3-byby-2 bits of red- green- blue-frame in- formation. For example, the lower three bits of the byte are the red-frame informa- tion, the next three bits are for the green frame, and the most significant bits are for the blue frame. This configuration allows for a possible combina- tions which are unique col- ors. Since the LM allows for nine bits of digital data to be inputted, the LSB is tied to the MSB of the blue-frame input of the IC to make the bit pattern com- patible with the eight-bit ATI KV SPECTRE SL DESKTOP 95W bus. This trick allows for black and white images to be displayed.

Without this modification, the black and white images would have a blue hue. A number of points are identi- fied in the logic of the dis- play-board interface for the inclusion of a TV camera at a later date. The camera in- terface will function as fol- lows: When the 74LS0O U is brought low, the counter will drive the address bus.

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