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Thank you for your response.


Ati Rage Mobility-M PCI I certainly do understand that, however the latest drivers for this card are for XP. Windows 7 accepts XPDM drivers as I've seen on multiple other laptops, so I fail to see how it would be different for this card, even though it's old.: Thanks a lot H.


Any idea? Also, thank you sooooooooo much for those packages, every other way of doing this so far failed with compiling issues I have a rage 3d pro desktop card that is supposed Ati Rage Mobility-M PCI use the mach64 driver so I just kinda assumed anything to do with the mach64 driver woiuld work for my desktop. Can you use my diagnostic tool as it will tell me lots of things about your setup.

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Here is the results of xinfo, my computer is definently more responsive than it Ati Rage Mobility-M PCI now that I have to packaged drivers installed, but the direct rendering would be quite nice if you could help me get it working. Thank you so much! Cannot shadow an accelerated frame buffer.

Acording to dell it has 4mb built in, but I can upgrade it to 8 if I can find a memory stick that fits the slot on the motherboard. Though if I have much more problems with this, I'll probably look into finding a copy of win for this machine and wait till the new ati drivers come out so I can have Ati Rage Mobility-M PCI on my lappy.

ATI RAGE MOBILITY-M AGP PCI Drivers - Download Device Drivers - -

I've been trying to compare zerwas's log and yours he has 8meg but gets a similar message " WW ATI 0: I recomend the guide http: The new ati drivers that are to come out are unlikely to help your card, its just too old. I'll try that when I have time and if breaks x I'll just find my copy of win, but as for the new drivers, they're meant for my lappy with a x, not the old dell. The link isn't working. Hi, I have Compaq Evo Nc with this card Invalid module format And when I tried to compile modules from your howto, then common was compiled OK, but: I've also downloaded already precompiled modules, but they're for 2. Hi there! Well I installed the dri drivers i can't remember how but it was painful The device: In file included from atidripriv.

No such file or directory In file included from atidripriv. Ok, modprobe mach64 loads module, but when I change settings to "mach64", then X doesn't startx. It says that module Ati Rage Mobility-M PCI and module dri doesn't exists. With "ati" in xorg.

Log output: Org XInput driver: Org XInput driver, version 0. Now it doesn't start even with ati driver.

Will try to install again latest ati drivers used in that scrip Ati Rage Mobility-M PCI will see. And if you will find anything usefull, feel free to add into howto's. Ok, started from scratch, done that script manually, error appeared on line 26 - last line and got it working: Download this files: Uninstall xserver-xorg-video-ati sudo apt-get uninstall --purge xserver-xorg-video-ati 3.

Driver for ATI ATI RAGE MOBILITY-M/M1 PCI - downloading and installing it

Last solution works for me! Ati Rage Mobility-M PCI thanks! For my friend's laptop Compaq Evo n But why I can see Slackware Package? Don't worry Offoffoff. Slackware package appears because i created the deb file with alien and by default put this. But the compilation is for ubuntu gutsy: I compiled the new xfvideo-ati 6. Other deb-Package for Ubuntu Gutsy. This modules are compiled with the dougfractal's post http:The Rage Mobility-M was a graphics card by ATI, launched in February Built on the nm process, and based on the Rage Mobility graphics processor.

ATI Rage Mobility M or M1 M has 4MB, M1 has 8MB. Features. Ati Rage Mobility-M PCI


Chipset: ATI Rage Pro; PCI ID: c4d; AGP 2X; 4 or 8MB SGRAM video.

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