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Switching between the 20D and 5D is made more difficult to the photographer accustomed to using his outer AF points for emphasizing eyes in head-and-shoulders portraits, for example. While on the subject of AF points, the 5D has six supplemental sensors in addition to the nine selectable points. In this mode, the camera can track a moving object as it approaches or moves away from the camera.

Like its professional brethren in the EOS 1D line, the 5D reports which AF points were used at the time of capture in histogram playback mode, and the six supplemental points appear if they are used. The screenshot above right shows the AF points as small red dots against the flat grey subject. Speed Since the 5D captures and moves more pixels than the 20D, it does have a slower frame rate, and presumably because the mirror is Canon EOS 20D Camera Twain much bigger, the vertical blackout time is longer than every other current SLR except the Digital Rebel XT, at milliseconds.

Vertical blackout time is how long it takes the mirror to return the full view through the viewfinder. Shorter times mean you have more time to observe your subject and frame for follow-up shots.

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The 20D with its smaller mirror is milliseconds, and the 1Ds Mark II, with the same full-frame mirror but a more powerful actuator, is 87 milliseconds. The 1D Mark II boasts an impressive 45 millisecond viewfinder blackout time, which really is a noticeable difference.

Add that to the three frame per second frame rate, and the 5D emerges as a better portrait and art photography tool than an action camera, with a slight advantage going to the 20D. AF speed seems as fast as any other EOS camera, varying depending on the lens used. Display There's no question that a bigger LCD is better. I don't think 20D owners should fret about their 1.

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The greater viewing angle of the improved LCD is immediately apparent when you first tilt the 20D at different angles, then do the same with the 5D. Canon EOS 20D Camera Twain when viewing from above or below the camera, the Canon EOS 20D Camera Twain quickly washes out, while the 5D's LCD remains crisp, bright, and clear over a degree arc, whether horizontal or vertical. Shooting All of the above adds up to a familiar experience for the 20D owner, but it also requires him to think and shoot very differently. My mm IS lens is a pretty good example, serving as an excellent image stabilized mm equivalent lens when mounted on the 20D or Rebel XT.

That's a decent telephoto range that, while not quite wide enough, is very good for spanning most normal shooting conditions, from portraits to group shots.

When I mount it on the 5D I find I'm disappointed. Though I've always preferred 24mm as the ideal wide angle reach, having the 28mm back is excellent; however, I find myself having to get up and move around a lot more to make up for the loss of that mm crop.

Until you get to focal lengths as short 24mm and wider, I find Canon EOS 20D Camera Twain more interesting pictures are made with a tighter crop, so Canon EOS 20D Camera Twain end up cropping most of my 5D shots on the computer, regardless of the lens I choose. Optical quality is also challenged with a larger sensor. Using just the central, "sweet spot" of the image circle, the 20D makes a lens like my IS seem terrific, especially in terms of chromatic aberration, but the 5D reveals the flaws in the corners of this relatively inexpensive lens. There's also an intangible quality to images from the 5D that I've not been able to quantify. It might just be that larger canvas. Or the bigger viewfinder. It could also be those big 8.

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I do miss the pop-up flash I've grown accustomed to, even on the Nikon D, but the best news is that you can shoot indoors at ISO without noticeable noise. Foibles I do find the Canon EOS 20D Camera Twain vertical blackout time to be distracting. Any extension of the time that I can't see my subject doesn't help, especially when the subject is a living thing. Anticipation and synchrony with a subject are harder to achieve if they are blocked from view for too long. The 3 frames per second limit is understandable on the 5D, given the greater number of pixels it has to move and store, as well as the larger mirror, but I'm left wondering why they added the six extra AF sensors to enhance subject tracking when this isn't a camera that is tuned for action photography.

Canon has often introduced superior Canon EOS 20D Camera Twain in cameras as they become possible, even if they don't seem to fit into the pecking order, but the recent release of the 30D does not include these additional sensors, so the anomaly remains.


The longer cycle life leaves me less concerned about burning up the shutter with long motor-drive sequences. Two optional focusing screens are also available for the 5D, a feature that has heretofore been confined to the EOS 1D series.


Upon changing a screen, you do need to set a Custom Function to tell the camera which screen you're using, since the metering characteristics change somewhat with each. Folders are no longer limited to per, meaning you can now have up to 9, images per folder name. In general, that will mean that you can have one big folder for each shoot if you like, without having to manually copy images out of multiple folders for one Canon EOS 20D Camera Twain.


A three color histogram display is another useful option not on the 20D but now included on the 30Dallowing you to see whether a particular scene might not be properly color balanced. Gone are the Scene modes normally found on every Canon camera from the 20D down the line, leaving the mode dial rather empty of icons. This is a pro camera. Surprisingly, though, the Green Zone mode remains for Canon EOS 20D Camera Twain who just want to point and shoot. Turning on the Expanded ISO custom function gives you access to ISO 50 and ISOwhich opens up extremely fine resolution shots and longer exposure times when you want them, or else very low light photography.

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A new PictBridge interface allows photographers to print an important tool I think many have been missing from the film days: Appearing with a simulated film background, the sheets can be printed directly from the camera without a computer if you're using a late model Pixma printer Fall or later. For most serious photographers, the 20D and 30D will continue to serve very well. Those with an extensive collection of Canon L glass will dive for the 5D like a runner to home plate. Many 20D owners buying a 5D will probably keep the 20D for action shots, since the tighter crop and faster frame rate lends itself to many types of action photography, upgrading any one of their L-glass lenses to a high quality telephoto when necessary.

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