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My solution after many dozens of hours consideration was as follows, bearing in mind available space was very very little, and low budget was a prime concern also!

Questions for hp compaq dc7700 sff upgrades

I should add I tried several methods before achieving this result which was best HP Compaq dc7700 NVIDIA Video far First I established what noise level I was happy with by repeatedly raising and lowering the standard fan speeds in the BIOS thermal section using the original system components, for me level 2 was perfect, not too much audible noise as it's on my desktop! Had that not been a requirement I could have increased fan speeds to maximum and job done, only HP Compaq dc7700 NVIDIA Video Mrs to deal with then! That established I then looked for a replacement front case fan which could produce more airflow at preferably lower or maximum same noise levels as the standard Delta front case fan, as that was the easiest route to cool, I settled on the Arctic Cooling F9 PWM unit, which comes kitted to retain all features for automatic or manual speed control.

As I'm a pedant who likes a challenge I decided to continue and try to improve this particular SFF across the board, mainly because many who considered themselves experts said it was a worthless proposition.

That acknowledged I had to look beyond the inside, I soon spotted the perfect answer. I HP Compaq dc7700 NVIDIA Video the grill over the PSU rear fan exit, then with a few minutes work on the holes in a Xilence 92mm ixtreme Pro Quiet fan, plus removing a little plastic on the fan frame to accommodate one interfering screwhead, I screwed that up to the rear of the case over the PSU fan exit using one of the original screws plus a self tapper into one of the case holes conveniently sitting in exactly the right spot!

Questions for hp compaq dc sff upgrades - - An Overclocking Community

Because the PSU internal case is well vented into the main case on at least 2 sides and is at the top of the case, the additional external fan pulls air right through the case, the resultant modified airflow is very effective. That completed my "mods", collectively they dropped the internal temps at least several degrees in all departments, and added nothing to the noise levels.

The Arctic fan has a little more oomph than the xilence so was used to replace the front case fan on that basis as it's blowing straight into the CPU cooler so needs a little more flow, but that's as required IMHO, as I did not wish to suck the brains out of the internal PSU fan, and the xilence ixtreme Pro really is quiet and perfect for that job, whereas the Arctic fan at the rear may have created more noise blowing straight into the wall 10cms away than it does drawing air into the case. Please can someone point me in the right direction. Thanks for you help, cascade9 February 6th, You nevwer know, maybe those reports you saw are outdated.

ATI or nVidia are pretty much your only choices now. The days of lots of video card manufacturers are gone. SFF computer normally use 'half height' cards, so be HP Compaq dc7700 NVIDIA Video that before you buy anything.

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IanWood February 6th, I have had problems before with Matrox cards and in the past needed to revert from an upgrade from 8. I machine is pretty small so am a little worried about buying a card that's too big, but most shop sites have the dimension of the card so I should be ok.


Is the support for Nvidia better than ATI now or the other way around? I don't really mind which I get I just want it to work!

HP NVIDIA Quadro Graphic Card

Thanks again, cascade9 February 6th, I can check how big a card you can get in if you can tell me the mdoel. I needed to compile the driver to get the dual head working.

At the moment the vesa driver only drives one monitor and just a small square of the whole wide screen, and its fuzzy! I imagine its not hard to buy a correct card HP Compaq dc7700 NVIDIA Video I have no idea what's good and what's bad, cascade9 February 6th, That might be a problem then. I though it was possible to get dualhead going with the open source matrox drivers, but I cant test that- the only matrox cad I have is single head only and its so old that its not funny anyway.

I'm pretty sure that other GT card would fit, but some of them are longer than others. How much ram do you think would I need to get to get Compiz working, considering the machine I am putting it in I don't want to get a too capable card and waste money. Would you cards you mention do dual head?


Ta cascade9 February 6th, I cant imagine that you would have any problems with 1GB the current recommended minimum RAM for ubuntuand it should run on far less than that. Those GT card should do dual head just fine. That is farily typical of the GT cards.

I have a hp compaq dc with a bit operating system and I. Ddr3 I want 2GB NVIDIA Quadro NVS MB PCI dual head VGA CardHP DC questions - [Solved] - PC Gaming. Nvidia NVS PCI graphics, 64 MB, FH a more modern video card such as the nvidia GT or the AMD Radeon HD

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