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If you think about it, Cowon paved the Cowon PLENUE M Player for many other audio companies, but throughout years lost some of the momentum. Today, the DAP market is rather saturated and very competitive, and many people are confused when faced with so many choices, especially since the lines between mid-fi and summit-fi performance are starting to blur. As soon as I mentioned about upcoming PM2 review, I received a number of questions from my readers asking to compare it to the original PM or the recent PS flagship. With a box cover removed, you get your first formal introduction to the product sitting securely inside of a precise foam cutout.

I will go into more details about the actual design later, but have to say that I was very impressed when I saw a large glass display surrounded by a relatively slim asymmetrical brushed aluminum bezel. Cowon PLENUE M Player already mentioned an analogy to a smartphone look, and unfortunately some DAPs with large touch screens and without analog volume knob can lose their identity by trying to look just like a plain vanilla smartphone. But this is not the case with PM2 which stands out with a distinct design.

Cowon Plenue M2 – Twister6 Reviews

I go through so many reviews that sometime lose a track of certain details, like removing a protective cover from a screen protector which I believe was already applied to the screen. There was also a high quality micro-USB cable and a quick start guide along with a warranty card. I actually highly recommend visiting Cowon Support Page where you can freely download all of their manuals to educate yourself about the product even before you decide to buy it. Another accessory I received along with my review unit of PM2 was their exclusive leather case which is optional Cowon PLENUE M Player has to be purchased separately.

To my pleasant surprise, I found PM2 leather case to be on par with Dignis cases, both in quality and functionality. The grey tone of the leather goes very nice with a platinum silver color of PM2 metal body, and the blue stitching adds a nice accent to the design. The imprint of Plenue logo symbol on the back was just a classy touch. I also think it was a good idea to have a thicker padding on the back to cushion the DAP from any extra shock when you place it down. This case provides an Cowon PLENUE M Player grip of PM2 without adding too much extra bulk, and will protect it from minor bumps and scratches. The case was hugging PM2 like a glove, revealing the unique shape of the left side edge bevel, and providing a snug fit without a worry that a DAP will slide out.

Wind whistles behind a flapping curtain. I hope that did the trick.

The Plenue M By Cowon

Peabody's invisible class, is it just short form for 'there in spirit'? Or does it describe the degree to which certain acoustic properties of the guitar hit the eardrum, sans distortion, noise, or bullshit? I can guarantee one thing: I didn't feel that I wanted to listen to them for long. Nice detail, but to my ear they had some strange resonance in the Cowon PLENUE M Player midrange.

I've never Cowon PLENUE M Player of these before. Bass was a touch on the strong side but nothing like the Meze. Chunky kind of "over engineering" build. Never once did I feel I was missing out due to lack of a fancy rotating volume knob or carbon fiber rear panel.


My only real complaint is the bezel around the display is unreasonably large. I'm not a smartphone snob who demands a razor thin bezel but this thing is out of control. That said, the 3.


No real complaints here. Cowon bundles a very nice leather case straight out of the box. It's the sort of case you'd expect to pay decent money for, so this Cowon PLENUE M Player a nice touch.

To extract peak performance, Cowon uses a low jitter TCXO clock, and claims high-performance Cowon PLENUE M Player, resistors, and opamps in the design. Not much in the way of specifics are really mentioned, but the headphone out can supply 2Vrms and has a measured output impedance of just under 3 Ohms. That includes playback of The system is driven by a dual core ARM A9 chip running at 1. Volume is handled in the digital domain with steps available. Holding volume up or down buttons results in a satisfyingly speedy adjustment, individual clicks give. This works out very well in practice. I also like that Cowon gives menu options for Headphone mode and Earphone mode. Headphone mode allows full scale 2Vrms output while Earphone mode is capped at around one quarter of that level.

Sensitive headphones used in Earphone Cowon PLENUE M Player take higher volume settings and this reduces digital attenuation, while more difficult headphones can still get the full output voltage if needed. It's win-win and I'm surprised more designs don't do similar when using a digital volume control scheme. Read all that Mike has to think in his review of the Cowon Plenue M digital media player.

The review is now available at Cowon Plenue M - MP3/MP4 players (MP3, Silver, Titanium, USBPentium III, AMOLED, Lithium Polymer (LiPo)) Cowon Plenue D (PD) High Resolution 32GB Cowon PLENUE M Player Player with microSD Expansion Slot Colour. Onkyo DP-X1 MP3 32GB Black – MP3/MP4 Players (MP3 Player, Android,

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