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Firstly the operating sound of the control dial is very audible in the movie, so you'll need to edit the soundtrack later to remove it.

Simply select iA on the mode dial and press the Motion Picture button. Face Detection automatically detects a face in the frame and adjusts the focus, exposure, contrast, and skin complexion. Intelligent Exposure continually checks the ambient light level and adjusts the exposure setting as conditions change to prevent blown highlights and blocked shadows. The Optical Image Stabilizer helps prevent blurring from hand-shake when using the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH1 Digital Camera lens.

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Stereo sound is recorded during video capture via the large internal mic Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH1 Digital Camera top of the camera, which is a big improvement on the rather muffled noises recorded by most digital cameras, helped by the new wind cut function which blocks out most of the noise from background wind. You can obviously use the zoom lens during recording and really make the most of that versatile mm focal range. Focusing is set as for still images via the Focus mode dial on the top-left of the camera. On the negative side, you'll find that if you choose continuous auto-focus, areas of the video will be blurred before becoming sharp again as the camera tries to refocus. On a more positive note, the the GH1 is quite fast at re-focusing, and having this system is much better than not being able to auto-focus at all, as with all current DSLR cameras that offer video recording.

Hand-holding the GH1 during movie recording inevitably leads to obvious shake, despite the optical image stabilizer, so for best results you'll need a dedicated video tripod.


There's also a traditional dial that lets you choose the different exposure modes. The usual selection of Program, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, and Manual are available for the more experienced photographers. This dial is a typical feature of SLR cameras, and enables you to quickly change between the various modes.

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The more beginner-friendly Scene modes and Intelligent Auto are also accessed via this dial. Front Top Additionally there Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH1 Digital Camera a custom mode, marked CUST, which allows you to configure your favourite settings and quickly access them, and a My Color mode which sets the brightness, saturation and color of the image before you take it. Also on the top of the camera is the Q.


Menu button, a very welcome addition Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH1 Digital Camera provides quick access to most of the principal controls, including ISO speed, image size, image quality and white balance there are 16 settings in total, depending upon the shooting mode selected. You can still access all of these options from the main menu system too. Intelligent Auto mode tries to make things as easy as possible for the complete beginner. It allows you to point and shoot the camera without having to worry about choosing the right scene mode or settings. Intelligent Auto Mode automatically determines a number of key criteria when taking a picture, including selecting the most appropriate scene mode from 5 commonly used presets and ISO speed, and turning face detection up to 15 facesimage stabilization and quick auto-focus on.

The Intelligent Auto Mode includes Intelligent Exposure, which increases exposure only in the under-exposed areas of the image, Digital Red-eye, which automatically detects and removes red-eye, and AF Tracking, which continually tracks a moving subject and keeps it in focus, without you having to hold the shutter button halfway down as on most other cameras. Intelligent Exposure and Digital Red-eye can also be turned on in the other shooting modes via the main menu. This is a fun and genuinely useful new feature, which "remembers" up to 6 registered faces and then always prioritizes the focus and exposure for that person in future pictures. Very useful for group shots where you want your loved ones to be the centre of attention. You can specify the age of the registered subject, stamp the age of the subject onto your photos, change the focus icon for a particular person, and playback only the photos that contain a certain face.

The camera will even automatically switch to Baby mode if someone registered as less than 3 years old appears in the frame!

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The user may select various overlays so that more than 20 pieces of additional information are available at a glance to the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH1 Digital Camera without removing the eye from the electronic viewfinder. For example, flash setting, optical image stabilization mode there are 3drive mode single, burst, bracket, timerimage aspect ratio, image quality RAWJPEG or bothexposure indicator, ISO speedshutter speedaperturerecord mode, white balancecomposition grid lines and exposure histogram are just some of the available pieces of information in the EVF, all without ever having to move the eye from the viewfinder.

The EVF live view mode also allows a preview of the actual exposure in manual mode. The user can adjust shutter speed and aperture in manual mode and see the actual effect on the recorded exposure in the EVF.

In addition to the usual depth of field preview, the GH1 allows a unique shutter speed effect preview, giving the user a fairly accurate preview of the finished image blurring when using a slow shutter Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH1 Digital Camera. In low light, the EVF has another advantage, in that it can brighten up the scene, allowing the user to see more detail than might typically be possible with a traditional optical viewfinder, the same way TV broadcasts of sporting events at twilight show much more color and detail than human eye can see. The EVF has some disadvantages, however. In extremely low light at the sensor limits, Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH1 Digital Camera quality degrades into a grainy, and often lagging image.

As a result, the GH1 is not strong in extremely low light situations. Although the EVF performs well in low light, and can offer a better view than optical viewfinders, at extremely low light levels, optical viewfinders will have the edge. The integral grip nicely balances the camera when the mm kit lens is mounted.

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The user interface is, in a word, busy. The GH1 has lots and lots of buttons and most of them are large enough, clearly marked, and reasonably placed for right-handed shooters.


Like the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH1 Digital Camera LX3 compact camera the GH1 now uses a Panasonic DMC-GH1K MP Four Thirds Mirrorless Digital Camera with  Weight (body only)‎: ‎Approx. g / oz. HD video capable version of the innovative DMC-G1 mirrorless interchangeable lens system camera. The GH1's megapixel Live MOS sensor can record up  Body type‎: ‎SLR-style mirrorless.

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