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Overview AlliedWare Plus is an industry-leading operating system that delivers more features and robustness by employing a modular approach to software creation. This approach enables Allied Telesis to implement new functionality faster with exceptional quality, which means customers can upgrade their networks with minimal disruption.


A standards-based implementation, it also assures full interoperability Allied Telesis AT-2000U Plus other major network equipment, and features improved usability for a superior customer experience. This architecture uses separate software processes, called modules, to handle different functions such as management, routing protocols, and control. Each of these modules can access only its allocated memory, preventing processes from corrupting each other and causing system crashes.

Although independent of each Allied Telesis AT-2000U Plus, modules communicate via well-defined interfaces. Unified network management AlliedWare Plus can manage large-scale wired and wireless networks on a single platform to reduce complexity and increase administrative consistency. It saves time and reduces cost by automating many every day network management tasks.

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Provisioning, operation, administration, and maintenance for the entire enterprise wireless infrastructure, can be performed centrally thereby reducing TCO and improving the user experience. Certified secure Allied Ware Plus uses strong cryptographic algorithms Allied Telesis AT-2000U Plus large key sizes to support secure communication and for protection of information. Each command is associated with a specific function or task.

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Many of the commands can be used in scripts, allowing the automation of configuration tasks. Users can also utilize Triggers, which provide a powerful mechanism for automatic and timed management by automating the execution of commands in response to specific events.

With comprehensive monitoring facilities and the ability to view a virtual chassis as a single entity, the GUI is an essential part Allied Telesis AT-2000U Plus a network management toolkit. Futureproof AlliedWare Plus meets the needs of government and enterprise customers seeking to ensure their network investment is protected now and into the future. With a forward thinking product roadmap, a full IPv6 feature set and the imminent release of OpenFlow v1. Powerful features like centralized management, auto-backup, auto-upgrade, auto-provisioning and auto-recovery enable plug-and-play networking and zero-touch management.

The AMF master enables auto-provisioning and auto-upgrade by providing appropriate files to new network members. New network devices can be pre-provisioned making installation easy because no on-site configuration is required. AMF secure mode encrypts all AMF traffic, provides unit and user authorization, and monitors network access to Allied Telesis AT-2000U Plus enhance network security. With the AMF Controller, a network of up to 18, devices can be managed, allowing all the time saving, cost reducing benefits of AMF to be multiplied and efficiencies to be increased. Each tenant network is kept separate from other tenant networks for fully flexible deployment, with central or individual network management options.

With independent routing domains, IP addresses can overlap without causing conflict, allowing multiple customers to have their own secure virtual network within the same physical infrastructure. It allows multiple switches to be connected together via high speed stacking links. The virtual chassis can be configured and managed via a single serial console or IP address, which provides greater ease of management in comparison to an arrangement of individually managed switches, and often eliminates the need to configure protocols like VRRP and Spanning Tree. Long-distance Stacking Long-distance stacking allows a VCStack to be created over longer distances, perfect for a distributed network environment.

AlliedWare Plus

The stacking link uses the 10 Gigabit front panel ports on the CFC control cards, which provides a massive Gigabits of stacking bandwidth. VCStack Plus provides a highly available system where network resources and distribution switches are connected across the units Allied Telesis AT-2000U Plus ultimate resiliency. Management is simplified as the two chassis operate as a single virtual unit. This enables essential maintenance to be performed when it is required rather than having to schedule a network outage or tolerate any loss of service. ISSU is supported on dual controller systems and can be used in conjunction with VCStack Plus, making it ideal for high availability applications.

Link Aggregation Link aggregation allows a number of individual switch ports to be combined, Allied Telesis AT-2000U Plus a single logical connection of higher bandwidth.

This provides a higher performance link, and also provides redundancy for a more reliable and robust network. VCStack and Link Aggregation Link aggregation can be Allied Telesis AT-2000U Plus across members of a stack to protect against link and device failures. This provides a resilient network solution that is easier to implement and administer than traditional redundant core networks. A VCStack solution in combination with link aggregation also achieves load balancing, as the stacked devices share the network traffic.

Sampled packets sent to a collector ensure it always has a real-time view of network traffic. This single key enables the bundled features Allied Telesis AT-2000U Plus all hardware of that particular product type. It provides authentication to devices attached to a LAN port by initiating a connection, or preventing access if authentication fails. Valuable for authenticating and controlling user traffic to a protected network, Dynamic VLAN assignment allows an ENET PLUG AND PLAY ISA 16BIT AUI BNC UTP PK overview and full product specs on CNET. ATU PNP ETH ISA AUI BNC RJ45 AUTO NIC 20PK overview and full product specs on CNET.

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