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While video chips will be associated with ATI for a long time, and AMD should insist on their new status only after it manages to achieve parity or even to lead here in the field of ultimate GPUs, which will happen only after the launch of Rbased products, chipsets should be adapted sooner. Users MSI K9A Platinum ATI SB600 RAID them with processors, and considering the platform epidemic, especially in the segment of mobile systems, they are often reviewed as a system.


The current series of chipsets, including Northbridges with CrossFire support and the updated SB Southbridge, looks MSI K9A Platinum ATI SB600 RAID, considering its topical but not excessive functionality and lower price compared to top solutions from NVIDIA. So, motherboards based on such chipsets can be used in gaming computers that can meet all modern requirements. But they won't break any synthetic records and hence they come at better prices.

The top model is popular among motherboard manufacturers: It supports two graphics ports in full speed mode 16 PCI-Express lanes. There was some distortion present, though it was minor and overall something that could easily be ignored. As to be expected, the RAID-0 setup was the fastest overall solution. This comes as no surprise as this is typically the case and has been so with every motherboard I have ever tested.

This is probably due to driver maturity, but only time can tell on that. In any case the SB offers solid performance for the most part.

The only area where it seems to really fall flat is on the legacy ATA port. Maqz April 26th, Now I just loads a really long time and then it drops me a black screen. After a few seconds this message appears with random digits in fron of them.

MSI K9A Platinum, AM2+, AMD Motherboard eBay

That did nothing, however. It still hangs when it's trying to mount the root file system. Using the RAID setting is no option for me, as I sometimes need to use Windows, and Ubuntu becomes more or less unusable even though it does boot. I am running an Intel motherboard with an e quadcore chipset. I got the same freeze with the same busybox message. So I did more searching in the bugs list and found this link that explains a possible workaround https: Interestingly, when I booted into MSI K9A Platinum ATI SB600 RAID graphical boot menu and hit 'esc' to go into the non-graphical menu and tried to hand edit the boot options, I got a "kernel not found" message. It dawned on me that the drives weren't being recognized by the kernel.

I could NOT use the directions listed in that workaround, so I experimented and found how how I could make it work.

Worked like a charm and I booted into the Live CD. That is what I am going to try if it hangs on install. I'm currently typing this from the Live CD, so haven't tried that yet.

MSI K9A Platinum - motherboard - ATX - 580X CrossFire

There's only one small problem so far: CPU scaling isn't working, so that my 1. Other than that, seems to be working fine. Once I installed, it booted right up.

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The problem seems to be with the differing bios' method of SATA drive assignment. At least, reviewers won't have to remember the order and number of Radeon, Xpress and other titles, speaking about this or that chipset. Designations were changed together with the logo. But the motherboard itself still bears the old logo on a heatsink for the chipset and chips. The motherboard is of an unusual design. Memory slots are over the CPU socket.

CrossFire Xpress 3200 AM2 boards from ECS and MSI

As a result, both bridges had to be installed in the vicinity, behind PCI slots. This layout still allows to install long video cards, because chipset heatsinks do not stick out of the "allowed" zone. Free Download MSI K9A Platinum ATI SB RAID Driver for Vista/Win7 (Other Drivers & Tools).


AMD® CrossFire™ X Motherboards K9A Platinum. menu. GALLERY Update RAID ROM version. Update ATI SB CFG module firmware version.

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