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The Pick-a-Plug feature allows you to check the speed of the wall socket for the optimal choice, indicated by the colour displayed by the Powerline LED. A green light represents a link rate of greater than 80Mbps, an amber light represents a link rate of between 50 and 80Mbps and red light represents a link rate of less than 50Mbps. We tested a NETGEAR XAVB5101 Adapter of wall sockets in our home environment and they all measured greater than 80Mbps. The last light is the Ethernet LED, which lights up when a powered-on Ethernet device is connected to at least one Ethernet port. You then press the security button for between 2 and 5 NETGEAR XAVB5101 Adapter on the first adapter and then press the security button for between 2 and 5 seconds on the second adapter.

The Power LEDs on the two adapters will start to blink and this blinking will stop once they are paired. If you want to add an extra adapter, you just plug it into a wall socket and press the security button on the new adapter and it will join the secure network. Once the adapters have paired all you need to do is connect the nearest one to the broadband router using an Ethernet cable and then connect the other adapter to the Ethernet device. Netgear even provide two 2m Ethernet cables as part of the Nano set but obviously if you need longer cables you can buy them very easily. If for any reason you need to perform a factory reset, you just press the button with a pin for between 1 and 5 seconds.

As we mentioned in the Power Ethernet review, NETGEAR XAVB5101 Adapter networks have been around for some time now and typically operate by superimposing a modulated carrier frequency over the AC signal carried on a power line. A basic Powerline network consists of a transmitter unit capable of adding the communication signal to the AC power signal NETGEAR XAVB5101 Adapter a receiver unit capable of separating the communication signal from the AC power signal. In the case of the Nano the adapter generates a modulated RF carrier signal at one location in your home, which is coupled to the existing power distribution system.

NETGEAR XAVB Mbps PowerLine Adapter Kit (XAVBUKS)

Let's increase the distance by changing floors. That performance degradation appears to continue in the next test, from the first floor to the basement. Netgear is outpaced in the First Floor to Basement test, slipping back into third place. We next switch from the native 2GB folder copy test to NETGEAR XAVB5101 Adapter purpose-built bandwidth NETGEAR XAVB5101 Adapter software suite from PassMark called PerformanceTest8, re-running the tests from each position. In the second floor to first floor test, however, Netgear drops into third place as its performance numbers are almost halved.

NETGEAR XAVB5101 500Mbps PowerLine Adapter Kit

Thankfully, performance kicks back up a bit in testing from the first floor to the basement. In the last test from the second floor to the basement, Netgear continues trailing its AV peers.

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Even though our testing is NETGEAR XAVB5101 Adapter in peak values, the averages don't change this story for Netgear. The footprint of the Netgear adaptors is notably smaller than Devolo's similarly targeted dLAN AVminialthough these are nearly 50 per cent thicker - the electronics have to go somewhere, after all. We do find the Devolo offering a little more stylish, something that isn't NETGEAR XAVB5101 Adapter by Netgear's decision to emblazon "Powerline AV gigabit" on the lower edge of the units.

Apart from this label, the tiny units are home to three LEDs that show power, Ethernet connectivity and the state of the powerline network. This latter LED shows red for power connections of less than 50Mbps, amber for up to 80Mbps NETGEAR XAVB5101 Adapter green for connection speeds above that. Just plug a powerline NETGEAR XAVB5101 Adapter into any electrical outlet then plug into your Internet.

It's that easy. By using the electrical wires already in your home you can.

by extending your signal. NETGEAR offers a wide selection of Powerline kits, adapters or extenders delivering up to Gigabit speeds. Model: XAVB


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