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These risks and uncertainties include: Except as may be required by any applicable laws, Diplomat assumes no obligation to publicly update such forward-looking statements, which are DCS FM-56PC-ISA-M as of the date hereof or the earlier date specified herein, whether as a result of new information, future developments, or otherwise. The watt amplifier was placed near the dipole antenna and the big 12 -volt battery. The amplifier detects and adjusts its input for varying power levels, selects the correct filter band automatically without DCS FM-56PC-ISA-M switching remotely, and has a bank of status light-emitting diodes on the front panel to allow the operator to determine that the amplifier is indeed doing its job.

During several weeks of testing this amplifier on an emergency exercise in Mexico, I was impressed with how fast it could be deployed and how clean the signals sounded over the airwaves.

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And all this without having to do any manual The amplifiers are intended to run into a ohm load, such as portable beams, dipoles, inverted vees, and with caution mobile antenna rated to at least a kilowatt. Touching any antenna wire or metal element with watts can result in a major burn. The burn would be equivalent to touching the red hot DCS FM-56PC-ISA-M of a -watt hair dryer. Be extremely careful where you place your DCS FM-56PC-ISA-M

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The watts output from these amplifiers can also cause severe interference to other DCS FM-56PC-ISA-M electronic equipment. During our tests in Mexico, we found that watts "barefoot" would slightly disturb wind direction and wind speed equipment at a weather survey site yards away.

Switching to watts output caused their wind speed to peg and wind direction indicator to read erratic during modulation. DCS FM-56PC-ISA-M amp also needs to be well grounded.


SGC may soon have an automatic antenna coupler that will handle DCS FM-56PC-ISA-M increased power level. Wire size "00" as large as your starter cable on your car is required from the amplifier to a nearby battery.

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I recommend using a battery as your main 12 volt DC source at an emergency communications site because your external power source may go down, and you still need to stay on the air. If you should lose your AC lines, you could still continue to stay on the air from a single 12 -volt battery. At watts output, modulation peaks could draw upwards of 70 amps. While these 70 amps are only now and then on voice syllables, they nonetheless can take down an automobile battery fast if you do a lot of talking. Without recharging, we were able to communicate for up to three hours before a medium-sized automobile battery began to get dangerously too low for starting up our communications vehicle. Five hundred watts output from a 12 volt, DC, solid-state power amplifier won't necessarily establish a communications path that you couldn't do with watts.

However, DCS FM-56PC-ISA-M noisy conditions or when operating on lower frequencies at nighttime, the 7 dB increase was enough to pull your signal out of the noise and dramati- cally add "punch" to your modulation.

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When conditions are good, simply switch the amplifier off. We also ran the amplifier into a long wire antenna system, using several different types of kilowatt antenna couplers. We had no problems in doing this, but use cau- tion against switching the manual antenna coupler inductance settings when running anymore than about 30 DCS FM-56PC-ISA-M of power out. The inductor band switches are easily burned by switching them through their settings on tune-up at any power level greater than minimum power. And the lower you DCS FM-56PC-ISA-M in frequency, the greater the likelihood of arcing -over a manual antenna tuner when running more than a couple hundred watts through it-even the kilowatt tuners, too.

High frequency power amplifiers should be treated with caution. Make sure everyone stays well away from the radiating antenna wire or metal antenna elements. For any mobile installation, the antenna should be placed up high enough that there is absolutely no way that anyone could accidentally DCS FM-56PC-ISA-M against the antenna while walking by your emergency command post.


When used properly, the half -kW, high frequency power amplifiers running off of a hefty 12 -volt DC source are one answer to a boost in effective radiated power when you have exhausted all avenues of boosting antenna DCS FM-56PC-ISA-M. Many accessories are available for this radio: COD orders are welcome! We have the lowest shipping rates!

Shipping info: Orders shipped in 24 hours with cert. Join the Bearcat Radio Club Today!! More Power, Features and QualityDownload DCS FMPC-ISA-M driver for Modems, different DCS FM-56PC-ISA-M versions available here.

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