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The system comprises a transportable housing capable of being carried by personnel, a plurality of commercial off-the-shelf components contained in the housing and coupled together and configured to provide the broadband communications network, a software management system operatively coupled to the plurality of components, a network connection subsystem defined by at least a first portion of the plurality of components and configured to establish access to the broadband communications network, and a connection subsystem defined by at least a second portion of the plurality of components and that provides a user with a connection to the broadband communications network via the network connection subsystem.

Provisional Patent Application No. These environments include battlefields, harsh environments, disaster areas, buildings, construction areas, and so on. As more facilities, companies, and organizations rely on IT and communications equipment to perform daily operations, there is a need to provide access HP Mini 110-1120TU Notebook Qualcomm Mobile Broadband these environments. However, current attempts fail because many of the environments are inaccessible and transporting large quantities of equipment to the environment may be problematic or not feasible. For example, large amounts of equipment are more likely to be damaged during shipping, handling, setting up, or taking down of the equipment in a battlefield or disaster area.


Environmental factors may also damage equipment. Also, large quantities of equipment are generally more time-consuming expensive to install, set up, and maintain.

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The equipment may require many skilled technicians to assist in the installation and setup, adding further costs and problems. These systems may also require technicians to assist in configuration, security, monitoring, and maintenance of the equipment even after the initial set up.


Additionally, it may be difficult to bring technicians and other skilled persons to some of the environments that require HP Mini 110-1120TU Notebook Qualcomm Mobile Broadband IT and communications equipment. Other problems associated with complex or sophisticated equipment may be a time consuming setup and configuration of the system, expensive or large power needs, expensive customization in design and security of a system, and so on. In the drawings, the same reference numbers and acronyms identify elements or acts with the same or similar functionality for ease of understanding and convenience.


To easily identify the discussion of any particular element or act, the most significant digit or digits in a reference number refer to the Figure number in which that element is first introduced e. The appliance includes an easily transportable, rugged, environmentally hardened case or cases that contains and protects the COTS components from shock, vibration, dirt, dust, heat, rain, water, wind, and other harsh or potentially HP Mini 110-1120TU Notebook Qualcomm Mobile Broadband environmental conditions. In some cases, the system provides cooling equipment configured to cool the COTS components while operating in a high-temperature environment.

The appliance includes integrated software that may automatically set up, configure, maintain, monitor, and diagnose the COTS components, further reducing the need for on-site IT technicians. The system with the appliance enables organizations, groups, individuals, and other entities to work, provide services, or collaborate in rugged locations, in locations on a temporary basis, or in other locations where a computing infrastructure is damaged, unprotected, inadequate, nonexistent, or otherwise incapable of meeting particular needs. Examples of such organizations include military groups, emergency relief agencies, medical teams, diplomatic and aid organizations, news organizations, dignitaries and delegations of traveling officials, law enforcement and emergency management agencies such as agencies that respond to disaster areasand so on.

Other entities that may employ the system include organizations involved in ensuring reliable operations of infrastructure, such as health care organizations, organizations involved in energy production and transmission infrastructure, agriculture, banking, and transportation. HP Mini 110-1120TU Notebook Qualcomm Mobile Broadband

Further, organizations involved in remote work projects such as oil exploration and extraction, mining, overseas construction, timber harvesting, or scientific exploration may employ HP Mini 110-1120TU Notebook Qualcomm Mobile Broadband of the system. The system in accordance with an embodiment can be used to create full office communications capabilities in network-starved environments or other environments. In some cases, the system can also provide extended coverage, such as with auto meshing units. The system HP Mini 110-1120TU Notebook Qualcomm Mobile Broadband configured to have flexible capabilities that adapt to changing requirements due to, as an example, changing personnel, range expansion, modified operations, or the addition of new components to provide a desired functionality.

An appliance can be used to provide capabilities at a plurality of different sites such as temporary strategic military sites, disaster relief sites, historic sites, etc. The system in one embodiment can be used to provide the above capabilities in settings where IT personnel or financial resources restrict near-term implementation of permanent facilities such as fiber optic connections or high speed distribution networks. Accordingly, the appliance can be used to provide temporary capabilities while resource planning is underway. The system enables organizations to work with a full implementation of communications networks for interim periods, with little loss of productivity and little or no sunk costs.

The system can also become an integral part of the facilities upon completion. In one embodiment, the appliance includes a rugged case or package resistant to many environmental factors rain, heat, dust, vibration, rough handling, etc. In some embodiments, the rugged case can have a plurality of sections coupleable together and configured to securely retain and protect the COTS components therein.

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The case can include an integral rack system configured to receive and securely contain the COTS components. The case can, in another embodiment, include a plurality of removeable trays or drawers on which selected COTS components are mounted. The case can be configured to provide protection for the system at levels above military standards and specifications. The case can also include external housing structures such as faceplates that protect the internal components from tampering and provide easy access and identification of ports, jacks, indicators, and other external features. The case can support a forced air cooling system, such as a high velocity forced air cooling system with custom ducting that enables the HP Mini 110-1120TU Notebook Qualcomm Mobile Broadband components and system to remain cool in extreme conditions.

As indicated above, a plurality of COTS components are contained within the case. The COTS components can include a conventional server with robust hosting applications, such as an Intel-based Pentium 4 server that hosts applications, file and print services, and that works with many operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, etc. In one embodiment, the server is configured to run a comprehensive software management system that coordinates the operation and maintenance, monitoring and intelligent diagnostics of the system including integrated remote management capabilities.

The management software is discussed in greater detail below. In one embodiment, the appliance's server is an Innovations Solutions server that runs a Windows platform e. The server is operatively connected to one or more network switches e. In one embodiment, the network switch is a Foundry POE switch.

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The switch is coupled to a firewall or other data security device that provides safe access to external networks. In one embodiment, the appliance utilizes a Juniper NetScreen 5XT or other FIPS approved firewalls, which may include anti-virus filtering, filtering of objectionable content from the web, and intrusion prevention. The network switch is also connected to a universal power source UPS that can be used to control the power flow to all of the COTS components. The UPS can be coupled to a self-contained DC power source, such as a battery pack HP Mini 110-1120TU Notebook Qualcomm Mobile Broadband other power source in the appliance.

The appliance can include a COTS encryption gateway configured with conventional data encryption techniques. In one embodiment, an encryption gateway is provided, such as a FIPS approved encryption gateway that provides military-grade encryption of data prior to transmission over the HP Mini LA Notebook Qualcomm Mobile Broadband Driver Gobi free download.

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