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Large amounts of chromatic aberrations Lack of full photographic control Comment The Ricoh Caplio RX is the successor to the Caplio G4wide, with Ricoh claiming that the new model is quicker, slimmer, lighter and even easier to use. The Caplio G4wide was released in September ofso it has effectively been replaced by the Caplio RX Ricoh Caplio RX only 6 months. Such is the nature of the digital camera market at the moment, with newer and better models being released at least twice a year. The Ricoh Caplio RX stands out from the rest of the market because of its wide-angle 28mm lens, and because it has the world's fastest shutter response and start-up times at least according to Ricoh when it was first announced in March Other features, such as the 3 megapixel sensor and 3x optical zoom, are standard for this class of camera, so does the Caplio RX have what it takes to catch your attention?

Find out in my review. Features The Caplio RX has a 3.


It has a 3. The Caplio RX's 28mmmm optical wide zoom lens gives an angle of view of 75 degrees, compared with just 62 degrees in conventional 35mm digital cameras. In one second or less the Caplio RX is able to turn on and snap a photo. The shutter response Ricoh Caplio RX the world's fastest in its class at just 0.

Ricoh Caplio RX - digital camera

This time is calculated from the time the user presses the shutter button, rather than the time when focus lock is achieved. Ricoh Caplio RX also has the world's fastest start-up time of a mere 0.

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The Caplio RX comes equipped with six scene modes portrait, sports, landscape, night scene, text and high-sensitivity that are intended to help the photographer capture various shooting situations in their best light. In high-sensitivity mode, the screen automatically illuminates subjects to aid in framing the picture Ricoh Caplio RX dim lighting environments. In tricky lighting situations, the convenient auto-bracket function allows you to take three individual shots at one time at three different exposure settings. White balance bracket, on the other hand, applies tones of red, normal white, and blue to three separate images.

The Caplio RX has various continuous modes. In M-continuous mode, with the shutter button held down the camera memorises the last 16 shots in one file for two seconds of footage.

In S-continuous mode, it can take a series of 16 shots in one file for two seconds of footage with just one press of the shutter button. Keep the camera still at this distance and take advantage of its auto-focus target functionality that allows you to Ricoh Caplio RX pan around the image in order to find the desired focus point.


There is a built-in flash for shots as close as 9cm that highlights objects while protecting against any unwanted whiteout effects. The Caplio RX allows you to take up to shots between recharges Ricoh Caplio RX using the optional rechargeable lithium-ion battery, or you can take advantage of a nearby power source and use the optional AC adapter. The Caplio RX also has the ability to switch to two AA alkaline included or nickel metal hydride batteries and a synchro monitor mode that conserves energy by turning the monitor on automatically only when the shutter button is pressed to preview a shot or operate the zoom.

At just 29mm thick, the Caplio RX's curved aluminium-alloy body is designed to fit Ricoh Caplio RX in a shirt pocket and perfectly in the hand. The Ricoh trademark "Quick Review" function, positioned next Ricoh Caplio RX the bright 1. The Caplio RX captures up to seconds of AVI video action clips in a video size of x or x and can add "voice memo" stamps of up to eight seconds to photos. Caplio RX can also be used as a multipurpose voice recorder.

Ricoh Caplio RX - Wikipedia

Transferring files to a PC is extremely easy. The Ricoh Gate software installed on the computer will then instantly start transferring images to an automatically created folder at a rate of three megabytes per second. The Caplio RX kit that I reviewed contained very little in the way of accessories. There Ricoh Caplio RX no memory card supplied, which is pretty annoying as you can only fit 5 images on the camera's built-in 8Mb memory at the highest quality setting. Ease of Use The Ricoh Ricoh Caplio RX RX is a solidly built yet pocketable camera that instantly feels "right" as soon as you pick it up and start using it for the first time.

I really enjoyed using the RX during my 2 week review period from a handling point of view and was quite sad to have to send it back! It easily fits into a trouser or coat pocket, yet doesn't have tiny controls that you can't operate properly. For such a small and slim camera it actually feels quite heavy, but I prefer this to a lighter camera that feels more flimsy.

The Ricoh Caplio RX is an exceptionally easy to use digital camera that will not put off new users, Ricoh Caplio RX being very intuitive to use for anyone who has picked up a digital camera before. Ricoh Caplio RX secret lies in not being too different from other brands on the market. The Caplio RX's interface, both software and the camera body, employs options and concepts that are an accepted part of the photographic industry.

CCD, megapixel. ZOOM, x x(Digital). MEMORYCARD, SD card MultiMediaCard. AUTO FOCUS, YES. Macro, 1cm/ 13cm Tele-Macro. Ricoh Caplio RX is a compact digital camera equipped with a x wide zoom lens extending from a wide angle of 28 mm Ricoh Caplio RX a telephoto range of mm. With a.

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