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Why does that matter" could mean anything.

SichboPVR - DVBT AVerMedia device telemetry

Or Skynet or DirecTV. You didn't even say what country you're in, so we don't even know the format of the TV signal. In the U.

And you did not say what software you are watching this Live TV in. So you can see that this information is rather important. Also, whether this happens in full-screen, in a window, what kind of drive you are buffering to. If you have an extender, and if the same problem happens AVerMedia A16E DVBT. What happens when you rewind and watch the same scene again.

What kind of monigtor you are outputting to, in what resolution, and at what color depth. Whether or not scaling or underscanning is used.

If you don't know how to find out, or don't know what these terms mean, start reading this thread in detail. Even better would be if you can take a screenshot and if you cannot, e. Whether or not CCC hardware acceleration is on. And what version of software you have - if you read this thread, even the last page or two of posts, you will see that simply installing the latest version from ATI is a surefire way to screw up your machine. And also that s are AVerMedia A16E DVBT the best card to use, but we'll handle that once you have answered the other questions and you have uninstalled all ATI and NVidia, if you did not remove the NVidia drivers before installing the ATI then you must do that first, do a Google search on how to remove the driver for hardware that is no longer installed software and installed wrapper If when you do that you still have the problem, post back with the above information.

Ultimately, if the driver doesn't fix the problem then you will probably have to buy a Sapphirewhich is the definitive card for the XL series as amply documented in this thread.

But that assumes you are using Media Center, which you have not told us yet. Remove Advertisements. Originally Posted by rjeffb Hello Gupil, First, AVerMedia A16E DVBT are not telling us anything at all about yourself - not even in your profile.


That link shows a video capture of a man walking up some boxes in HD xalthough it looks suspiciously like it is an interlaced frame. Speaking of "suspicious," after the picture is visible for a few seconds popups start popping up like crazy warning me my computer is loaded with malicious software and offering to scan my AVerMedia A16E DVBT - which of course in all probability means, offering for me to downloads lots of malicious software. I thought the issue was in SD, not HD" corrupted picture we don't have much to go on except the fact that Win7 natively supports. Supposely the MPG codec in Win7 is quite good but?

AVerMedia टीवी ट्यूनर ड्राईवर्स डाउनलोड

Here's another idea: Version 3, not version 2 Win7. You may or may not want to pay for it to keep, but if it's available as a free demo sometimes yes, sometimes no it's a quick way just to see if it makes a difference. Finally, you did not say what happens when you watch the same picture in a window, and when you rewind and play the scene back again AVerMedia A16E DVBT for that matter, what about recorded TV versus Live TV. Sorry for the malicious popups, I uploaded my screenshot on imageshack but I didn't expect that website to behave like this.

Christopher Wood

In fact it is the SD version of an HD channel. Concerning the resolution, I thought all my screenshots would be the size of my desktop whatever SD or HD signal. AVerMedia TD detects over-the-air, live TV broadcasts in DVB-T2, DVB-T, and DVB-C signals so you can enjoy TV without paying for cable bills. In addition  AVerMedia A16E DVBT A16E. AVerMedia A16E PCI Hybrid DVBT · AVerMedia AVerMedia A PCIe Dual Hybrid Analog/DVBT AVerMedia A PCIe Duo Hybrid Analog/DVBT.

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