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Benchmarking Criteria First I must quickly outline the test for those who are new to my benchmarks. Quoting from some previous articles: My intention with these tests is to look at the quality of the end-to-end transport and while it is inevitable that moving would bring some degradation of the video encoding quality at times, the core investigation of these tests is focused more on how well the cellular link aggregation and demux channel bonding process can work together with optimized video compression to give a continuous video link from a moving vehicle using cellular Teradek Bond Pro Codec radio, that it is focused on the image quality.

My focus in these benchmarks is on the continuity of signal as an IP stream Teradek Bond Pro Codec the cellular or even mixed with W-Fi and Ethernet networks.

This is the course we take, beginning at my home in Rottingdean, outside of Brighton, England Figure 2. The testing course The most important part of the course, as far as these cellmux devices go, is point C. So far no cellmux has maintained connectivity throughout this stretch Teradek Bond Pro Codec it provides a critical testing point for a variety of situations that are very interesting: The duration of the layer 2 outage i. A Bond expansion module is the link between any Cubeor encoder and up to 4 extra modem connections.

Teradek Bond Streaming Backpack - HEVC/AVC - Heliguy

Core is the cloud-based video management system with a built in Sputnik server that gives you complete control over your stream. It also allows archiving, remote configuration, transcoding and delivery to unlimited destinations simultaneously.


A Background While they are all nuanced at a micro level, the key macro level Teradek Bond Pro Codec in a CellMux are as follows: Latency is often a key performance indicator here, where, to deal with the link layer variance, often a higher latency has to be added than in a typical video encoding environment to handle the adverse network conditions. The analogy is that a book is posted to you one page at a time, with some pages being sent from one depot, and others being sent by another depot, but all arriving at your door in a sensible order for you to be able to reconstruct Teradek Bond Pro Codec story in a timely and logical fashion. In a cellular link aggregator each depot would be akin to each network modem.

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Antenna The final key factor in the system is the radio link itself. Some link aggregation and CellMux devices simply use 3G dongles, and these have their own cellular radio systems. Others have a built-in antenna with specific characteristics, and require only the SIM cards for each cellular service to be added.

Link Aggregator So let me now clarify the distinction between my term cellular multiplexer and the underlying term of link aggregator: Essentially a link aggregator manages Teradek Bond Pro Codec radio link and the bonding of these cellular channels together to provide the user with a single internet connection. It goes no further.

Teradek Bond Pro Integrated Camera-Back H Cellular

Real-time Monitoring Watch all of your live video feeds in real time anywhere in the world. Core dashboard gives you complete visibility of your codecs, allowing you to monitor their status, performance, and image quality. The Bond Backpack is an all in one professional HEVC/H streaming solution for broadcasters seeking the best in signal HEVC / AVC Bonding Codec. Teradek Bond Pro Codec

The Bond II encoder and Bond Pro encoder differ from other legacy Teradek encoders in that they have two separate processors: the Codec.

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