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Fixed a problem that it was rarely possible to recall presets and that Parameter Link Group could not be controlled. This problem occurred when TioD V1. Confirm the correct version number on the Dante Controller. Confirm the correct latency value on the Dante Controller. These changes can be made from the Dante Controller software. Because condenser microphones are connected to Yamaha MTX Editor 1.1.2MTX3 and 2, leave the gain at 30 db and turn phantom power on. Because wireless microphones are connected to CH3 and 4, lower the gain to 0 db. We recommend that microphone inputs, and particularly movable microphones such as wireless microphones, be connected to channels 1 through 4.

When you click here, you will switch to the FBS setting Yamaha MTX Editor 1.1.2MTX3. You should turn off unused channels. Fader This adjusts the input level. Leave the fader at - until the system goes online.

Channel name You can double-click this to edit the name. In this example, names have been assigned as follows. In this example we will use the default settings, but Yamaha MTX Editor 1.1.2MTX3 you want to use a different output port of the MTX, click this button, choose the desired output port, and then click the [Close] button. Verify that GAIN is set to 0. Make the appropriate settings for the speakers that will be connected. NOTE The pre-installed library contains speaker processor files that are appropriate for the response of various speakers. By using these files you can make speaker processor settings easily.

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Turn off unused channels. Channel name Fader This adjusts the output level. In this example, make the settings shown in the above illustration. If you right-click on a cross point, a context menu appears. You can select [All OFF] to turn off all cross points. The cross point shows the send level as the amount of green. With the Yamaha MTX Editor 1.1.2MTX3 shown here, the two microphones in hall A CH3 and 4 are broadcast only to hall A.

  • MTX Setup Manual. Special Notice. MTX Setup Manual 1 - PDF
  • Yamaha MTX Editor V version by Yamaha Corporation - How to uninstall it
  • Firmware and Software - Yamaha - Africa / Asia / CIS / Latin America / Middle East / Oceania
  • MTX-MRX Editor V3.3.0 for Win10 / 8.1 / 7 and firmware V3.30
  • MTX Setup Manual. Special Notice. MTX Setup Manual 1
  • Main Revisions and Enhancements
  • Firmware and Software

If channel 1 is turned on in the Yamaha MTX Editor 1.1.2MTX3, the signal from the matrix attenuated and the signal from Priority will be combined and output. For the input channel faders in the lower left of the screen, the grayed-out faders show input levels, and the other faders show input channel send levels. Grayed-out faders cannot be operated in this screen. The Priority Ducker function temporarily attenuates the inputs from other channels when audio is input from a specified input channel, ensuring that the audio from the specified input channel will be broadcast clearly.

ZONE select button In this example, we assume that the microphone in the entrance CH1 will be used to speak to the entire building.


Use the ZONE select buttons to switch the zone. To make these settings, choose the [Controller] menu item [Digital Control Panel].


Use the drop down list at the top of the screen to select the DCP for which you Yamaha MTX Editor 1.1.2MTX3 to make settings. When you click one of the numbered buttons, a Settings dialog box will appear; assign parameters to the controls. When you ve made the assignments, click to select 01 [No data] and then click the [Store] button. In Basic, switch 1 is the preset select switch for the Party settings. The knob controls the output level of zone 1. With this selected, click the [Paste] button.

The library item you created as Basic will be copied. After making this change, click the [Store] button to overwrite-save the library item.

In Party, switch 1 is the preset select switch for the Basic settings. Other settings are the same as for Basic.

By recalling presets from the MTX itself or from the DCP, you can switch the settings as appropriate for various situations. To store or recall a preset, click the camera icon in the upper part of Yamaha MTX Editor 1.1.2MTX3 Editor. When you click the camera icon, the Preset dialog box will appear.

MTX-MRX Editor V for Win10 / / 7 and firmware V - Yamaha - Portugal

You can create up to 50 presets. When the project file created by Yamaha MTX Editor 1.1.2MTX3 Editor Vx is opened with MTX-MRX Editor or MTX Editor Vx or,Yamaha MTX Editor 1.1.2MTX3,x, x, x. MTX5-D V / MTX3 V / Exi8 V / EXo8 V / XMV V Although MTX Editor shows 'Completed' after updating firmware, please do not turn,- - - - For further details, please refer to a "MTX3, MTX5-D, XMV Series, EXi8.

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