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The shoulder buttons had a different placement as both two buttons on each side are placed side to side horizontally, as compared to traditional gamepads where the shoulder buttons for each side are stacked 8Bitdo FC30 GamePad another.


The buttons also give out a clicking sound when being pressed but it has a different feel than from the other input buttons. The shoulder buttons may give some users are hard time using them due to the different button placement, but with it is quite fast to get used with the layout in a short time. The directional pad retains the four direction functions from the classic and it also 8Bitdo FC30 GamePad a good feel when pressing it.

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The two analog sticks seemed to look like it is identical that from the PS Vita, and it is also a good thing. It also has a rubber pad on its head to prevent slipping from sweaty thumbs during play sessions and it features input buttons when pressing the analog sticks, like the L3 and R3 buttons from Dual Shock controllers, what it is interesting with the sticks is that when it can register the directional input similar that from arcade sticks where you 8Bitdo FC30 GamePad notice a clicking noise when turning the stick clockwise or counterclockwise. The FC30 Pro has an LED that adds some cool factor to the device, and it lights up different colors depending on its current function, it lights up blue when turned on and will have a breathing effect or a blinking pattern depending on what mode it is set, this 8Bitdo FC30 GamePad you determine what current setting it is running.

It turns green when charging and red when on low battery, when upgrading 8Bitdo FC30 GamePad firmware, it will light up a yellow color to notify the user for its current state. I recently buyed the bes adapter, the nes model 8bitdo and the famicom 8bitdo.

8bitdo FC30 Pro Controller Review

I have a nes and a famicom 2, I dont remember the real name, but is the japanese top loader, this lets use the nes type controller, in the original famicom is not possible to remove the controller and connect different ones, so if somebody wants 8Bitdo FC30 GamePad get a famicom look for the toploader version, anyway, the controls included are the bone type, they look like snes controllers, but the cable is so short!!! Its like 40 cm, this is some kind of joke, this felt better than the original controller, I could use the nes controller, but I like to use the controller that was suposse to be used with this console.

A quick note about the 8bitdo Zero controller. It also may help to reset 8Bitdo FC30 GamePad controller by holding down the select button for 8 seconds if this does not work.

8Bitdo FC30 Pro Retro Bluetooth Gamepad with Programmable Keys USB Connection -

Also, ignore step 4 and turn the hack option on. Guide to add your controller 1 Run the RetroPie setup script, either through the Emulation 8Bitdo FC30 GamePad menu option or via the command line.


If you want to run this via the command line, quit Emulation Station by pressing F4 on the keyboard and type this at the command line: With the FC30 Pro, this is done by holding the power button left-hand side of the base of the controller on until the side blue lights illuminate. The blue LED will flash rapidly to indicate pairing mode. This FC 30th anniversary edition GamePad is to bring back our happy memory of old days. 8Bitdo FC30 GamePad FC30 Bluetooth GamePad Manual.

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Thank you to buy FC 8Bitdo support. 8BitDo Controllers. SN30 Pro USB. Manual Download.

Manual. Download.

*It is for SN30 Pro USB gamepad. M30 G. Manual Download.

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