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References in periodicals archive? Indeed, the A-Link WNH age of WNHs age increased by half a year between andso that part of the mortality increase we documented is attributable to this aging.

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Figure 1 presents the comparison of WNHs with a high school degree or less with all BNHs--including those with some college or a college degree, who carry a lower risk of mortality. Although WNHs saw that same decline until the late s, it was followed by intermittent and overall mortality increases through Figure 7 shows mortality rates for the birth cohorts of WNHs with less than a bachelor's degree at five-year intervals for birth years from tofrom drug overdoses top-right panelsuicide bottom leftalcohol-related liver deaths bottom rightand all three together top left. This is possi- ble because WNH allows helpers i. As most con- tent in the Web is delivered in written A-Link WNH, mediation dialogs in WNH tend to follow the pattern and use essentially textual material, too.

However, as is also the case in the Web, videos and images can be part of mediation dialogs. In a previous study [6] with WNH, the author showed that dialogs created by a LIBRAS interpreter could effectively help deaf users overcome certain accessibility barriers and interact with an organizational system designed for non-deaf users. The interpreter used direct instructions in simplified Portuguese and helped deaf users fill out long forms required by an administrative process in their organization. They were able to understand what they had to do with the system and to provide the required information by themselves. Our study makes one step forward and investigates whether WNH can successfully mediate communication about conceptual tasks, ra- ther than operational tasks.

To be successful, they would have to understand and be able to answer A-Link WNH about basic librarianship concepts re- quired for the task. Participants carried out this learning activity supported by WNH.

The main findings go thus a few steps beyond this. We found clear instances of huge gaps between how deaf participants conceive of library objects and processes compared to the typical conceptualizations made by librarians and library customers. A-Link WNH, we found that WNH is a promising technology for this kind of vocational training.

Not only can it be skillfully used to elicit learning requirements for vocational training targeted at this specific population, but it can also be subsequently used to support vocational training practices. In the next section A-Link WNH present A-Link WNH methodology and procedures of our study.

Next, we discuss the main results. In our concluding remarks we point at interesting re- search topics that can be explored along this path. Partic- ipants worked at well-known A-Link WNH health research institution with branches in vari- ous Brazilian states. It has a permanent social project aiming the inclusion of deaf At the time of our study, there were deaf workers in their branches. We followed four major steps of investigation.


First, we interviewed the coordina- tor of the institutional library network to learn about the context and activities carried out by deaf employees. Second, we asked a deaf librarian to elaborate a mini course on library basic concepts A-Link WNH to use their online catalog.

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He should use WNH to compose and deliver his mini course. Third we asked three deaf employees to take the lesson using WNH, A-Link WNH do an exercise based on its content and finally to answer a small quiz.


Last, we made a semi-structured post-activity interview with participants. The library network coordinator henceforth P-I, for intervieweewas an experi- enced librarian, having A-Link WNH in the institution for many years. The deaf librarian henceforth P-C, for Creator is deaf since the age of twelve, when he had already learned how to speak, read and write in Portuguese.

Using Mediated Communication to Teach Vocational Concepts to Deaf Users

A-Link WNH He can do lip reading and speaks relatively well. We recruited volunteers with the fol- lowing characteristics: Table 1. Contents and vocational training needs emerged from the interview with P-I. Following conventions in this domain, users type terms search left side snippet and results are subsequently shown and browsed at will cen- ter and right snippets. The numbers in Fig. Each dialog talked about some specific library concept that was used on the corresponding page of the online catalog system.


In addition to the text used in dialogs, WNH supported additional explanatory A-Link WNH illustrative resources. In Fig. In some cases, P-C found it very challenging to express meanings in Por- tuguese.

Search website results page Fig. Localization mediation dialog Fig. Extra dialog Fig. In Table 2 we see some samples of the final dialogs designed by P-C. They should by no means be taken as the actual corre- sponding text in English, written by or to A-Link WNH individuals. Samples are plainly evoca- tive. IOTS1. IOTS1 home automation server. IOTS1 is effective and small size Intel Celeron-based computer with Debian Linux OS.

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