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Hardlink HAG and [7] Card: Hardlink HAG. The ACx based cards ALLNET ALL4706W with the tg3 driver included in the Linux kernel. This chip is supported by the generic ns ALLNET ALL4706W included in the Linux kernel. Syskonnect SK and [7] Cards: Linux support is also available.

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It seems to be quiet complicated to operate this card with Linux. There have been different problems with MTU values bigger thanthus no ALLNET ALL4706W data is avialable for this values. So it is not recommended for Linux Cluster usage.

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Nevertheless the following results were achieved: So it was not possible to investigate all different chips, and the test results have to be seen generalized. Different chips have been analyzed in ALLNET ALL4706W, [5], [7] and [8].


The best achieved values are listed below: CNet ProGL. There is a ALLNET ALL4706W available in the Linux standard vanilla kernel rbut it does not allow to set the ALLNET ALL4706W value higher than Thus no jumbo packet throughput is available. This card seems not to work with Linux. No measurements are available.

Thus the used MAC chip is unknown, but it is most likely that one of the chips mentioned above is used. This list can be used for further price comparison: The most interesting chip is ALLNET ALL4706W Marvell chip. Also the Intel chips and the Broadcom chips seem to be suitable for high performance computing. But however, these studies are partially very old and the performance of the different cards is highly dependent on the driver. We should make our own tests with different cards at least Intel, Broadcom and Marvell to achieve a usable result for throughput and latency values.


A switch is is used for the address oriented connection of several nodes. A so called full duplex repeater is used for shared ALLNET ALL4706W without considering the node s addresses. A third possible element, the so called buffered distributer is rather the same but it may buffer one ore more packets before redistributing them. But only the active switch technology is analyzed because the other two passive approaches use shared bandwidth which is not suitable for high performance computing.

It specifies the amount of packets which can pass a switch per second. This is intuitively indirect proportional to the packet size S. F 1 S 1 To be more precise, the forwarding rate can be calculated in the following way with use of the following parameters IEEE The maximum theoretical usable bandwidth depends on ALLNET ALL4706W packets size. The packetsize S pkt is considered in the ethernet standard without the preamble and the frame gap.

The size of the payload data is given as S pay this size can be limited by the operating systems MTU 19 value, which is bytes for the traditional ethernet standard. Thus, the packet size of traditional ethernet is limited to bytes. Thus the ALLNET ALL4706W times cannot be easily determined. However, the latency time increases with packet size and is therefore mostly measured by sending the smallest possible frame 64 byte from host A to host B. The fastets gigabit capable switch seems to need 6s to forward a packet as claimed by the vendor. The overall latency for a packet should be between 20 and 60s 3.

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So, I decided to ask the manufacturers for details on the switch parameters. The following sections are grouped by the switch s port count because this is the most necessary parameter for cluster computing. Most of the given switch performance values are supplied by the manufacturer. Following parameters are evaluated: The ideal forwarding and throughput values are listed below, the actual values of different switches can be found in table 1 on page An overview of today s switches which offer 24 up to ports can be found in table 2 on page The ideal forwarding rate and bandwidth for 48 ports is listed below: A list of different switches with more than ports can be found in table 3 on page FCC Warning. This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the regulations for a Class A digital device, pursuant ALLNET ALL4706W Part 15 of the. FCC Rules. ALLNET GmbH. For binaries that you receive from ALLNET GmbH Computersysteme on physical media or ALLNET ALL4706W the download of the offered firmware that are.

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