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It is noted that the head of stud can be enlarged to positively capture the configured end to the side arm 49 if desired. The present arrangement including the rubber bushings allows Daewoo FR-360A pivot 23 to flex and compensate for rotation that is not perfectly aligned with the axis 23, thus reducing the stress on the bearings and reducing the stress on components of the chair such as on the back frame 30 and the side arms 49 where the stud is misaligned with its axis. The lower seat-to-back frame bearing is similar to bearing in that bearing includes a rubber bushing and a lubricous bearing elementalthough it is noted that the frustoconical surface faces inwardly.

A welded stud extends from seat carrier and includes a lubricous bearing element for rotatably and slidably engaging the bearing element It is noted that in the illustrated arrangement, the Daewoo FR-360A end is trapped between the side arms 49 of base frames 26, 45, and 49 and the seat carriersuch that the bearings and do not need to be positively retained to the configured ends Nonetheless, a positive bearing arrangement could be readily constructed on the pivot by enlarging the head of the stud and by using a similar headed stud in place of the welded stud A second configuration of the configured end of back frame 30 is shown in Fig. Similar components are identified by identical numbers, and modified components are identified with the Daewoo FR-360A numbers and with the addition of the letter "A.

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Pivot A including a welded-in stud A that pivotally supports the seat carrier on the back frame 30 includes a Daewoo FR-360A axial hole in its outer end. A retainer screw is extended into the threaded hole to positively retain the pivot assembly together.


Specifically, a washer on screw engages and positively retains the bearing sleeve that mounts the inner bearing element on the pivot stud A. The taper in the pocket and on the bearing outer sleeve positively holds the bearing A together. The upper pivot A that pivotally supports the back frame 30 on the side arms 50 of the base frame is generally identical to the lower pivotexcept that the pivot A faces in an opposite inboard direction. Specifically, in upper pivot A, a stud A is welded onto side arm The bearing is operably mounted on the stud A in the bearing pocket defined in the base frame 30 and held in place with another washered screw For assembly, the back frame 30 is flexed apart to engage bearingand the configured ends A are twisted and resiliently flexed, and thereafter are released such that they spring back to an at-rest position.

This arrangement provides a quick assembly procedure that is fastenerless, secure, and readily accomplished. The present back shell system shown in Figs. The word "compliant" as used herein is intended to refer to the flexibility of the present back in the lumbar area see Figs. The back shell 31 has three specific regions, as Daewoo FR-360A the human back, those being Daewoo FR-360A thoracic region, the lumbar region, and the pelvic region.

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The thoracic "rib cage" region of a human's back is relatively stiff. For this reason, a relatively stiff upper shell portion Fig. Daewoo FR-360A

It carries the weight of a user's torso. The lumbar region of a human's back is more flexible.

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For this reason, the shell lumbar region of back shell 31 includes two curved, Daewoo FR-360A hinges at its side edges Fig. These straps " are separated by widthwise slots ' allowing the straps to move independently.

The slots ' may have radiused ends or teardrop-shaped ends to reduce concentration of stress. This shell area is configured to comfortably and posturally support the Daewoo FR-360A lumbar region. Both side Daewoo FR-360A " are flexible and able to substantially change radius of curvature from side to side. This shell region automatically changes curvature as a user changes posture, yet maintains a relatively consistent level of support. This frequent motion also "pumps" nutrients through the spine, keeping it nourished and more healthy. See the Best Top Mount Fridges / Refrigerators in as rated by Australians on This has been a perfect fridge/freezer. It's quiet, there's plenty of room in both fridge and freezer. L TOP MOUNT REFRIGERATOR. / FR 2. ENERGY STAR RATING.

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