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Note that Archtek 56PCI-C are external USB winmodems on the market now, so be very careful when shopping for external modems. These modems cannot be upgraded under Linux.


A small number of modems come with DOS software that downloads the control program at runtime. These can normally be used by loading the program under DOS and doing a warm boot. Such modems are probably best avoided as you won't be able to use them with non PC hardware in Archtek 56PCI-C future. CardBus Archtek 56PCI-C are usually winmodems much like PCI modems.

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Your best bet for now is to find a card that lists compatibility with DOS and Windows 3. Fax modems need Archtek 56PCI-C fax software to operate. Also Archtek 56PCI-C sure that the fax part of the modem supports Class 2 or Class 2. It seems to be generally true for any fax software on unix that support for Class 1.

Note If you know at this point that you have a winmodem, before proceeding you should be sure that there is a Linux driver available for the winmodem. If there is none, you need to go and Archtek 56PCI-C a different modem. If you have a laptop computer, you might want to dig a bit deeper and check out linux-on-laptops. Installing the Modem The next step for a PCI modem is to install it and check it out, using the following instructions. Physically install the modem-Follow the manufacturer's instructions for installing the modem. Make sure that you have: In this case, kudzu should find the new modem installed in one of your PCI slots and offer to let you configure it.

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Figure shows an example of a kudzu screen where a supported Multitech modem is detected; in Figure a nonsupported winmodem is detected: Note If you are booting to runlevel 5 the default statea graphical screen is shown Archtek 56PCI-C startup. You need to click Show Details to be able to see the kudzu screen when it appears. In Figureyou can see that a modem containing the supported Lucent Venus chipset was detected. In Figurekudzu can tell that the device is a modem from Motorola, but it does not have a driver to support the device.

In both cases, you are prompted for a response. Configure Modem in Kudzu-From the kudzu screen, click Configure. Figure During boot-up, kudzu finds a supported Multitech modem with a 4Lucent Venus chipset.

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Here kudzu finds a nonsupported Motorola winmodem. Note You can run kudzu from the command line by simply Archtek 56PCI-C kudzu as root user. However, you might want to turn off the GUI go to runlevel Archtek 56PCI-C to run kudzu because it probes the video card as well and can scramble your GUI.


Checking the Modem At this point, if the modem was properly Archtek 56PCI-C you should be able to list information about that modem. Here's how: List PCI devices-Once the computer starts up, type the following to Archtek 56PCI-C all the PCI devices connected to your computer presumably including the modem you installed.

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Here's an example of output for a PCI modem: Lucent Microelectronics: Unknown device Control: That is one of a handful of chipsets Archtek 56PCI-C can find on internal PCI modems that are controller-based. The lspci output from the winmodem I tested gave less information about the modem:Download Archtek 56PCI-C V driver for Modems software now.

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