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Output of lsmod lsmod-ubuntu6. Not something with much tuning.

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If you plan to use it, don't forget to change the keyboard layout I use dvorak. For external screens, I use the GUI "nvidia-settings" because than I don't have to restart my X if I want to connect an external monitor. Asus A8Jc A8Js under Gentoo. Very useful page about a very similar laptop General info not Linux specific Some notes: It happens frequently that I touch the touchpad with one of my thumbs. That's not so nice Asus A8Jc then you often click somewhere. I still have to learn to keep my thumbs at the spacebar of the keyboard. It would be more useful if the keyboard would be closer to the screen, so that there would be a bigger distance between the keyboard and the touchpad so that you don't touch the touchpad without meaning to do so.

Asus A8Jc on Linux -

The screen reflects a lot. Really a lot.

If you're outside with your laptop you see more of the clouds than what you should see Asus A8Jc your screen. Until now, I've only used the laptop at my sleeping-room and Asus A8Jc it does not disturb at all, so for me personally this does not disturb. It is worth mentioning here, that the upside of the screen is that you can see everything even from very small angles. The screen is very reflective. Outside, this laptop is only useful to look at the clouds, but this photo is maybe not so good to illustrate this.

Laptop ASUS A8Jc

Asus A8Jc, the screen is turned on. The two big imho ugly stickers, don't stick so well after using the laptop for a while because your wrists are constantly laying on Asus A8Jc moving over the stickers. After a while 5 months? I noticed that I could easily pull them off cleanly.


The Control key is replaced with an "Fn" Asus A8Jc. With that Fn key you can use the buttons like the audio volume controll, enable the external screen, scroll lock, etc.

Because the "Fn" key is where the control key normally is, I always press the wrong key. That's a bit annoying. The annoying FN-key The laptop has an InstantOn button, and the user manual says the laptop has InstantOn, but in fact there is no InstantOn at all more info about this on a Asus A8Jc laptop model.

The Asus A8Jc laptop under Linux

When the fan does work, you can hear the laptop but it's not really loud but that depends on what you're used to of course: I think there are laptops that are more quiet. Interesting things to know when you have this laptop: This should be better for the harddisk. If you Asus A8Jc on your laptop for the very first time, it asks which version English, Dutch, After you've chosen your language, it takes a long time I think it was about two hours or more to install the Windows XP.

The Windows installer make three partitions on your disk: You can remove that third partition and use the space for Linux, but if you want more space than 50Gig you have to resize the partition where Windows is installed. I don't know about automatic partitioning in the Ubuntu installer because I always partition by hand, but the partitioner of the installer is very easy to use well, when you know how partitions work and can move and resize filesystems too. The white balance of this screen is with the default configuration under Asus A8Jc Linux and Windows really poor compared to what I'm used to.


I've managed to improve it a lot also under Windows. See the section about this for more info: Making Asus A8Jc display show colours more correctly Introduction Right after the installation I had the feeling the colours were much too blue, and plain white often looked more like yellow. I thought it was just minor and I would get used to it, until I saw WillemPen. The tradition WillemPen. I've seen WillemPen. How to make it a bit better?


There's an NVidia configuration tool where you can adjust the brightness. This is Asus A8Jc the same as the brightness of the backlight! A8Jc.

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