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However, depending on the selected options, it can also bear a hefty price tag.

The last time I checked, one way to get the screen would be to order it from the small business division of dell which means that you have to be content with a Core i5 processor. The other available p screen is the Therefore, this review will reflect my impressions of the machine over the course of several weeks. The silver trim and black gloss paint make it classy without being garish in Dell Studio XPS 1645 Notebook least. Unfortunately, since the finish is high gloss, it attracts fingerprints like crazy.

In addition, oil from your hands and anything else on them rubs off on the finish and is transferred to the screen when you close it since the screen is not recessed. The build is mostly plastic even the metallic-looking trimbut it is reasonably robust. I am not sure whether this is a defect in my machine or a general issue. The hinges are quite strong, and the screen takes a bit of effort to open. Ripples show up on the screen if moderate to heavy pressure is applied to the lid, a consequence of having such a large screen.

If you get the impression that this notebook has questionable build quality, please remember that this is a large incher, and it is therefore quite robust for its size. I carried this machine around in a padded messenger bag to and from classes at college for a few months now, and it is serving me very well my shoulder originally had a different opinion, but I acclimated quickly. However, Dell Studio XPS 1645 Notebook would agree that it could be somewhat more robust. As a side note, the Studio XPS 16 fits barely in a messenger bag designed for The entire bottom cover can be removed to access the hard disk and memory.

User Review: Dell Studio XPS 16 Update

While this makes for a much sleeker appearance, it does make changing upgrading a bit more work. However, unless you are taking out the keyboard or something similarit is nothing terribly annoying. Screen and Speakers There is only one word for the screen: This is quite simply the best screen I have ever seen, and it has spoiled me horribly. The native resolution is Dell Studio XPS 1645 Notebook p, full HD Color saturation is extremely high maybe a bit too high, particularly for the redsand the contrast is excellent.

While the backlighting is ridiculously bright, it has the upside of keeping the screen usable even under bright indoor lighting.

It occurs so quickly, that I found myself questioning whether it really occurred. At any rate, it is only mildly annoying, and the solution is to get used to the higher brightness levels.

These images simply do not do the screen justice. My ancient 1 MP Pentax really struggled with getting pictures of the screen in the dark. The viewing angles on this screen are very impressive. However, it still looks great, and remains legible even when viewed from almost 90 degrees to the side. This makes it easy to have multiple people view the screen at once.

Dell Studio XPS laptop- Tech Reviews, Firstpost

Vertically, the Dell Studio XPS 1645 Notebook angles are very good, with the colors inverted at 50 degrees above or below the screen. Reflections can be an issue, but the brightness can be increased to counter this. There is a webcam and dual-array microphone in the screen. The webcam has a slow refresh rate, and produces grainy images.


It can be used with face recognition to log into the computer, but this feature seemed to work intermittently. I did not test the microphone. Dell Studio XPS 1645 Notebook impressed as I was by the screen, I was satisfied but not blown away by the speakers. My old Inspiron E actually had pretty good speakers, but they lacked bass. The Studio XPS 16 definitely has a subwoofer, and the bass is impressive for a laptop. Power, grace and elegance. Find the perfect balance in the new Dell Studio XPS 16 laptop, the ultimate multimedia experience.


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