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Reader-response criticism and reception studies have amply demonstrated the significant role the reader plays in the construction of textual meaning; my emphasis here, however, is on the creation of a fiction in the late nineteenth century which, in line with the Adesso AMS-2000UB process of democratization of culture, favored the communicative aspect of the epistolary exchange, the interplay between the various correspondents inhabiting both the internal space of the fictional rep- resentation and the external arena of the cultural event. Starting from the premise that no text exists in a vacuum, cultural historians and literary critics have recently approached epistolary fic- tion through the analysis of its historical and cultural Adesso AMS-2000UB For Thomas O.

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According to this interpretation, epistolary representa- tions in fiction would be impossible without the existence, a priori, of a system of communication that would legitimize the very concept of authenticity upon which much epistolary Adesso AMS-2000UB is based. Einaudi, M Adesso AMS-2000UB N customary practices of postal communication and fictional letter- writing, authors of epistolary fiction have relied on the overlapping of these two worlds—of real postal usage and of the fictional representa- tion of it.


The Italian postal system was centralized much later, a pos- sible reason for the delayed effect of this institutional communicative practice on Italian literature. Despite the deferred outcome, it is worth examining how the relatively more organized and widespread Italian postal service in the nineteenth century, especially in the second part, may have influenced the cultural productions of that time. Alessandro Manzoni complained frequently in his letters about the unreliability of the postal service. Complaints featured prominently in the letters of another literary figure of the time, Giovanni Pietro Viesseux, who, on July 20,wrote in a letter to the general Director of the Tuscan Postal Service: Carpi 90 Both Manzoni and Viesseaux relied on a postal system that until the political unification of Italy was regulated according to the rules of each individual state.

Most importantly, it had to deal with the variety of tariffs as well as different currencies and procedures of the various mailing systems, not to mention the difficult road conditions, which inevitably resulted in delays and therefore complaints by postal users. On May 5,a comprehensive postal law was passed in which several reforms were introduced in order to create uniformed national standards of postal tariffs and practices; for example, a fixed tariff of 15 cents for letters up to 10 grams of weight, regardless of distance. In71, letters were mailed in Italy, while inthe volume of mail increased to , letters, with Rome, Milan, Florence, Turin, and Naples being the most dynamic provinces in matters of postal activities. Naturally, not only literate people sent or received letters, as missives were also dictated by and read to people who could not read or write, but these numbers show that, whether literate or not, people relied more and more on letter-writing for their Adesso AMS-2000UB or professional correspon- dence.

Enrico Angellieri, Quaderni di Storia Postale t. IV Modena: Enrico Mucchi editore, Because bookstores and publishers often the same establishment were located in urban centers, distribution remained Adesso AMS-2000UB critical aspect of the cultural industry until at least the beginning of the twentieth century.

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See Undicesima Relazione sul Servizio postale in Italia. Correspondents from the lower classes created a consid- erable corpus Adesso AMS-2000UB letters, which according to Franzina was symptomatic of the growing national and international mobility of Italians at the end of the nineteenth century.

M L N As a result of this growing use of correspondence, epistolary Adesso AMS-2000UB became best-selling books. Contrary, however, to what Marchesa Colombi and Emilia Nevers preached to their readers, the prevailing approach in the production of epistolary manuals was to provide a detailed description of epistolary rules. The most prescriptive epistolary manuals were school textbooks.

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Both authors present letter-writing as an integral part of the study of Rhetoric, in particular of the art dictaminis, and they offer a modality of letter-writing that is deeply rooted in the classical literary tradition. With its illustration of exemplary models and notable writers of letters, Istituzioni di letteratura was meant to instruct students not GABRIELLA ROMANI only on epistolary conventions, but also on the Italian literary tradi- tion, thus fostering a national cultural consciousness on the wave of the educational efforts and nationalistic rhetoric of post-unification Italy. A Adesso AMS-2000UB historical approach was adopted by Giuseppe Picci, a professor in a liceo of Brescia, who published Guida alla studio delle belle lettere in The topic of epistolary writing opens the second part of the volume, the one addressing the rules of composition.

After a short introduction on the ancient history of the epistolary genre, the author offers a detailed description of the stylistic aspects of letter- writing, accompanied at the end of each paragraph by one or more letters selected as models from the correspondence of famous writers Cicero, Petrarch, Leopardi, etc.


For both Picci and Mestica, episto- lary conventions were rooted in tradition, frozen in an indefinite past; but regardless of how unconcerned they might have been with the practical realities of modern communication, their emphasis on the rules that governed epistolary exchanges nevertheless demonstrates how relevant a knowledge of epistolary conventions was deemed within the official school programs and textbooks, and, Adesso AMS-2000UB, the nineteenth-century discourse on cultural and social savoir-faire. Finally, epistolary instructions appeared in many commercial pub- lications. The catalogues of late nineteenth-century publishers were filled with verbose titles of books devoted to the art of writing letters.

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The growth of letter-writing during the late Adesso AMS-2000UB proceeded alongside another phenomenon of great cultural and institutional significance: In Italy too the development of a routine M L N production of public news was essentially correlated Adesso AMS-2000UB the modern- ization of the mailing system. Not only were newspapers distributed nationally through the mail, but the letter offered newspaper writers a unique means for the creation of public opinion.

In the second half of the nineteenth century, Italy saw the publica- tion of hundreds of newspapers and periodicals that aimed at creating a public of readers in the newly unified nation. The following figures convey the sense Adesso AMS-2000UB dynamism of this phenomenon:The USB PowerScroll Rock Mouse Optical features a stylish design, ideal for desktop user. Because it's optical, there is no moving parts or mouse ball to lose. AMSUW Features: Sensor detects motion on all kinds of surfaces. AMSUB Features: Button-Less Design - The Crystal Shell combines the button.

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