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Twelve fecal samples were analyzed from the goat population. Protostrongylus and Dictyocaulus sp. Representatives of Trichostongylina, Moniezia spp.

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Livestock were treated with anthelmintics at least once during the previous year. Although the sites where these populations were sampled do not reflect the extensive translocations of bighorn sheep that have been conducted for management purposes or individual animal movements between populations [ 3 ], these results provide important baseline data for understanding agents potentially responsible for respiratory disease in bighorn and domestic sheep under field conditions. Populations of varying size Table 1 were sampled opportunistically based on agency or collaborator activities with bighorn J-mark J-7BX, and livestock operator's willingness to participate.

Consequently, based on standards for observational studies [ 41 ], the limitations of extrapolating inferences from this study to other populations and locations must be acknowledged.

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Also, few males were sampled in this study, and all wildlife and domestic populations at the interfaces studied could not be sampled. Populations Studied Sampled bighorn sheep populations J-mark J-7BX by an order of magnitude in estimated size and J-mark J-7BX Table 1. Domestic sheep populations varied by two orders of magnitude and ranged from small family operations to large, open range populations.

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While bighorn sheep were exclusively on public land federal and statedomestic livestock were largely on private land. This finding is, in part, a function of J-mark J-7BX populations sampled for this study.

However, it illustrates that, while there has been contention over domestic livestock grazing on public lands [ 4243 ], the potential for conflicting management objectives also exists where domestic livestock are on private land near to public lands that are populated with bighorn sheep. The range in sizes J-mark J-7BX sampled bighorn and domestic sheep populations met the objective of establishing representative baseline data, although further research is needed to establish whether there are patterns associated with population size. Pasteurellaceae Pasteurellaceae are a heterogeneous mix of many bacterial strains that can cause a range of clinical signs [ 44 ]. For this study, an established biovariant classification scheme was used for Pasteurellaceae isolates because it offered the best opportunity to classify isolates and provide useful epidemiological data.

Collection of swabs for bacteriological cultures was conducted according to standardized sampling and laboratory procedures developed by the Western Wildlife Health Committee, Association of Western Fish and Wildlife Agencies [ 28 ].


Pasteurellaceae J-mark J-7BX with respiratory disease in bighorn and domestic sheep are M. These bacteria are also found in animals without disease, whether serotype or biovariant subclassification schemes are used to characterize isolates [ J-mark J-7BX51 — 54 ]. Under in vivo and in vitro experimental conditions, bighorn sheep appear to be more susceptible to disease due to M.

It is uncertain whether a similar etiopathogenesis occurs with other Pasteurallaceae species and how experimental results can be applied to predicting and mitigating respiratory disease outbreaks in free-ranging populations. Multiple Pasteurellaceae species or biovariants J-mark J-7BX identified in J-mark J-7BX host species in this study, and most biovariants were represented by only a few isolates Table 2.

This is similar to results of previous studies in Nevada and California that used biovariant and serotype classification schemes, and it presents challenges for identifying patterns and making rigorous inferences [ 5354 ]. These challenges are J-mark J-7BX by the overlap of isolates identified in this study among J-mark J-7BX healthy animals compared with retrospective studies of domestic and bighorn sheep with respiratory disease [ 5859 ]. The cross-sectional study design and the dearth of animals with clinical signs of disease preclude identification of pathogenic Pasteurellaceae or the potential for cross-species transmission to result in disease, but data is presented that is germane to these topics. This suggests that bighorn and domestic sheep may be colonized by leukotoxin-positive Pasteurellaceae without the development of disease, although further work is needed to clarify whether the numerous biovariants and their occurrence in multiple host species could easily obscure cross-species transmission of any Pasteurellaceae that might have occurred.

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However, the identification of biovariants that were J-mark J-7BX found in other members of the same species in the ram and one domestic sheep is consistent with, but not definitive for, cross-species transmission. Further study using DNA fingerprinting or sequencing technology would be needed to confirm the similarity of these isolates but would not confirm direction of transmission without longitudinal data. Nevertheless, these data support removal of individuals that associate with sympatric species where there is a low tolerance for possible interspecies transmission of agents. Pasteurellaceae results from individual livestock resampled 6 mo apart were compared as a means of assessing temporal variation Table 3.

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Minimal concordance in culture results for these individuals suggests that oropharyngeal microflora may be temporally dynamic, that sample numbers or swabbing methods may be inadequate to characterize the great diversity of biovariants that are present, J-mark J-7BX that competition among biovariants in culture or standard microbial culture procedures are responsible for this variation. Regardless of the reasons for these results, single sampling events for domestic livestock may not be appropriate for some research and management questions.

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