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All bidders must comply with the General Municipal Law, Sect. No Surety is required for any of the other categories. The County of Rensselaer reserves the right to reject any and all bids received and to waive any informality discovered herein. August 12, Bid No. August 12, Bid No.: White - Certification KDS XF-7g Monitor Compliance: Gold - Official Bid Return Envelope 2.

The items numbered below are general instructions included on all bids sought by the County. Additional requirements or instructions may be checked off on attached green specification sheets. KDS XF-7g Monitor read each item carefully so that your bid will be submitted correctly. Area Code This Section outlines grounds for cancellation, disqualification of contracts; removal of disqualification of contractors by petition and statement of non-collusion. Those arriving after the stipulated hour will not be considered. Bids may be mailed or delivered KDS XF-7g Monitor person to the BOCS. This information shall be construed to be completely in accord with the specification outlined in the proposal unless the bidder explains all deviations and qualification in writing on the Bid Form.

Compliance with transition into year 2000

It shall include freight or delivery charges to the locations specified. It shall also include installation charges if required. Completion and submission of bid proposals shall be legible and in ink or typewritten. Signature of the bidder shall be in ink. The surety instrument of the successful bidders is held by the County as a performance bond until the conditions of the award are satisfactorily completed, then returned to the KDS XF-7g Monitor. Sureties will be returned to the unsuccessful bidders within 60 days of the bid award.

At the indicated hour, all bids received will be opened and KDS XF-7g Monitor aloud. Experience shows that bidders and other interested parties' presence is helpful, particularly when clarification of a bid might be desired by the appointed committee. The director reserves the right, before making an award, to investigate the qualification and facilities offered by bidders to insure proper performance.

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The award will be made, based on item price or by aggregate net total, as stipulated in the specifications. Award shall be made to the lowest responsible bidder, as will best promote the public interest taking into consideration the reliability of the bidder, the KDS XF-7g Monitor of the commodity to be supplied and its conformity with the specifications.

The director also reserves the right KDS XF-7g Monitor reject any and all bids received, and to waive any informality discovered therein on behalf of the County. Successful bidders will be notified within Sixty 60 days following the bid opening. Delivery of Awarded items or service will be stipulated in the award, unless otherwise noted in the specifications.


The decision of the Director of BOCS as to reasonable compliance with the delivery terms shall be final. Vendor must submit completed vendor claims with the appropriate invoices and vouchers to the department ordering the materials, which will in turn verify and forward them to the Bureau of Finance for disbursement, usually within thirty 30 days. Costs associated with removal of rejected items shall be borne by the vendor. Wherever practicable, Political sub divisions within Rensselaer County may participate in this contract. Each political sub division will be KDS XF-7g Monitor for their own ordering KDS XF-7g Monitor payment. Submission of a bid by a vendor to the County of Rensselaer will constitute express acknowledgment and acceptance of any such condition or contingency by that vendor.

Monitor won't stay on - have to hold power button in - Displays

Whenever a material, article or piece of equipment is identified in the bid or specifications by reference to manufacturers or vendors names, trade names, catalog numbers etc, it is intended merely to establish a standard of quality and any material, article or equipment of other manufacturers' and vendors which will perform adequately will be considered equally acceptable provided the material, article or equipment so proposed is in the opinion of the Bureau of KDS XF-7g Monitor Services to be of equal substance and function. Alternate bids are not acceptable to Rensselaer County, unless specifically called for in the bid proposal.

The law states, in part "in case of a contract which must be let by competitive sealed bidding, wherever the lowest bidder has not agreed to stipulate to the conditions set forth in this section, and another bidder who has agreed to stipulate to such conditions has submitted a bid within five percent of the lowest bid for a contract The workings of this clause shall not act to derogate the rights and responsibilities granted to Labor and Management by Federal and State Laws. Documentation must be submitted with each bid where work is involving the employment of employees as defined in Section 57 KDS XF-7g Monitor the Workers' Compensation Law and Sectionsubd.


The bid pricing shall be based upon bid specifications promulgated by the County and the bid shall be submitted on the Official Bid Form. Rensselaer County reserves the right to reject any bid which, through bidder error or omission is found to be mathematically incorrect, otherwise incomplete or not in compliance with Rensselaer County bid specifications. This right KDS XF-7g Monitor reject bids which are incomplete, inaccurate or not in compliance, shall KDS XF-7g Monitor exercised in the best interests of Rensselaer County.

Each category will be awarded to the vendor submitting the lowest aggregate KDS XF-7g Monitor per category, which meets specifications. Bidders are not required to submit bids for all categories; but for any category bid, all items must be bid, no partial bids will be accepted for a given category. Surety must KDS XF-7g Monitor in the form of a bank certified check or an original bid bond.

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Failure to submit the proper surety will result in rejection of KDS XF-7g Monitor. Rensselaer County will deem an item discontinued, only after written verification from the manufacturer of the discontinued item. Founded inthe KDS brand is a leading provider of affordable, high-quality monitors geared toward corporate, government, education and personal.


The 17" XF-7G with Trio Dot Pitch Technology allows the screen to be extremely flat when compared to other standard CRT monitors. The extreme flat screen.

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