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The design, weight, and size are all extremely impressive, reminding us once again of just what Sony can do when they want to create amazing hardware.


Single Review, online available, Medium, Date: With performance right on par with netbooks that cost a quarter of what it does, the Vaio X is an atrocious value. You will get a stupid grin on your face the first time you handle it. It defies all expectations of what a working laptop can look and feel like. Even after using it Sony Vaio VPCX111KX Qualcomm Modem hours, we returned to it to marvel anew at the size and build quality.

Sony Vaio X Review- Notebook Reviews by MobileTechReview

Right from its sexy form factor, the VAIO X exudes the air and elegance of a premium, lifestyle product. It doesn't perform as well as a high-end ultraportable, but keep in mind this is no normal ultraportable. However hard we try, we can't run away from the fact that the VAIO X is a rather expensive netbook in an astonishingly Sony Vaio VPCX111KX Qualcomm Modem shell. Highly recommended to jet-setters looking for a super-slim laptop or anyone who wants to distinguish themselves from the rest of the ultraportable, mini-laptop crowd. Single Review, online available, Short, Date: Reg Hardware Sony discovered it had a major problem when the first round of netbooks hit the market in late If size - or looks - mean a lot then we can't argue: But mere good looks, unbolstered by good value or above par performance, can't take the unwelcome focus off that astronomical price.

Sony vaio vpcx111kx drivers download

Single Review, online available, Long, Date: Sony's Vaio X Series is incredibly thin and light and, with a better battery life than we expected, seems an ideal machine for those who need to carry a laptop around with them. However, this model is pricey even by Sony Vaio standards, and buyers would be advised to treat it with care as we have doubts about the system's robustness. Channel Web Sony's Vaio X Series is one of the new breed of laptops that pushes the definition of ultra-thin to new limits. Although not the absolute thinnest available, this new Vaio Sony Vaio VPCX111KX Qualcomm Modem also compact and lightweight, making it a desirable, if pricey, mobile client for the executive traveller.

PC Authority This is a laptop that divides opinion almost like no other. Some accuse it of being a glorified, overpriced netbook. Others simply pick it up and swoon.

No-one can argue with the VAIO's design credentials. The real problem for the X-Series is its price.

Sony Vaio VPCX111KX Qualcomm Modem This exclusivity may well end up adding to the X-Series' allure, and if you buy one expect admiring glances from all who see it. Sony has released quite a few novel ultraportable computers in the past 5 years, from the U50 and Vaio UX series of micro PCs that looked more like super-sized handhelds to the more ergonomic but still lilliputian Vaio P that looks like a notebook halved.


Sony Vaio VPCX111KX Qualcomm Modem somewhat with the Vaio P and fully with the Vaio X, Sony has returned to their cult-classic roots: In fact, the Vaio X is the direct descendant of the Vaio X, a carbon fiber 1. In fact, it's still razor thin nearly 6 years later, though not as thin as the new Vaio X. Remarkably, it sold well in Japan and passably in the US at those prices because nothing else could touch it in terms of size, weight and looks. That makes today's Vaio X look like a bargain.

So if you want a bargain priced netbook, stop reading now. Clearly that's not Sony's market. The X on top of the Z.

The X looks like a normal notebook, only smaller and much thinner. There are no weird design concessions to size here, at least not on the outside. If Sony hadn't removed the trackpad and wrist rest area, the Vaio P would look much like Sony Vaio VPCX111KX Qualcomm Modem X. The standard design affords a fairly standard The island style keyboard with chicklet keys has wonderful feel when typing but it's on the small side-- seriously big-fisted fellas won't like it.

Sony Vaio VPC-X Series

We assume Sony couldn't bring the keyboard out Sony Vaio VPCX111KX Qualcomm Modem the edges since the frame increases rigidity. Two small pop-down feet under the computer raise it just a bit for typing, and the extended battery raises it quite a bit more making for even more ergonomic typing and providing a cooling space underneath.


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