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Sony VAIO VPCZ1 Laptop Repair

No-one can argue with the VAIO's design credentials. The real problem for the X-Series is its price.

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This exclusivity may well end up adding to the X-Series' allure, and if you buy one Sony Vaio VPCZ11EHXX admiring glances from all who see it. Just don't tell them there's an Atom inside.

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However, if you plan on actually using it, the netbook Sony Vaio VPCZ11EHXX less attractive. The keyboard leaves something to be desired; after about 4 hours of typing, I am starting to get used to it, but I'm also starting to understand what carpal tunnel syndrome feels like.

So if you've got small hands and need something to last for an entire intercontinental flight, you're in luck. But it'll cost you. Hardware Zone Let's face the facts: You can't help but drop your jaws at the design and form factor. We've not seen a netbook Sony Vaio VPCZ11EHXX thin ever, so design wise, the VAIO X does score mightily in our hearts.

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Furthermore, the bright LED-backlit screen can't help but light up your eyes when you look into the screen. Sadly though, the chiclet keyboard could have been made bigger given the ample real estate space but we reckon that this is could be the byproduct of space constraints under the hood. Mobile Computer The netbook has all but put paid to the need for an expensive ultraportable if you need laptop to take everywhere, but few models are that much to look at. Laptop Mag The thinnest, lightest, Sony Vaio VPCZ11EHXX most expensive netbook also lasts nearly 10 hours on a charge.

Additionally, the built-in 3G and GPS ensures that users will be connected wherever they go. Netbookchoice T3 felt it was Sony Vaio VPCZ11EHXX amazing bit of engineering married with a graceful design. However, with an excellent Check out the key review points after the jump.

Single Review, online available, Very Short, Date: It's attractive, light weight and easy to travel with, whether for business or for pleasure. It is the ultimate ultraportable, a notebook of such lightweight description - we're just waiting for the competition to Sony Vaio VPCZ11EHXX their tongues and try and make something that comes close.

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Sure, it's not a gaming machine - but it will please most others. It's just a glorified, overpriced netbook. But Sony struggles to justify that price.

Also, as a result of the netbook's thinness, there's less travel to the keys than on other systems, so we ended up hitting them harder than we're accustomed to. However, like the keyboard, it could have been a smidgen larger, especially Sony Vaio VPCZ11EHXX it's capable of recognizing multitouch gestures, such as pinch and zoom.

Two mouse buttons below are also small but responsive. This is becoming a more common option, however, such as on the HP Mini While Sony Vaio VPCZ11EHXX resolution tends to make icons too small on inch netbooks, we didn't mind it as much on an inch screen.


When watching content streamed over the Web or played off the VAIO X's hard drive, we were impressed with Sony Vaio VPCZ11EHXX crispness and wide viewing angles of the display; we could turn it nearly 90 degrees to either side without seeing image reversal or egregious reflections. Songs were thin and tinny; the bass line in Aerosmith's "Dream On" streamed over Pandora was nonexistent, and the speakers could barely fill a small office with sound.


Ports and Webcam Despite its small stature, Sony manages to cram in most of the connectivity options seen on almost Sony Vaio VPCZ11EHXX other netbook. On the right is a VGA port and Ethernet. On a system this expensive, we were surprised at the omission of an HDMI port, although since this netbook isn't designed to output HD content, it's not a huge loss.


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