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The perspective is emic and not etic, from the perspective of those inside the culture and not those from the outside of the culture.

We source our message from the categories by which the culture itself makes sense Toshiba Satellite A500 Microsoft PlayReady the world. This is especially important in a culture that makes a sharp distinction between the loob and the labas. We do not make a distinction between public and private; we have no indigenous word for privacy. We do not know the concept. But we draw a line when behaving towards those considered taga-loob and those who are taga-labas. Propriety demands that we treat the ibang tao with great hospitality and respect; our primary mode of behaving towards them is formal and Toshiba Satellite A500 Microsoft PlayReady.

Those who are no longer outsiders, who are di ibang tao, we treat informally and we become confrontative. The loob is the place where the inmost being resides. Any call for a decision for Christ whose terms are outside this loob consigns itself to being merely a social invitation. What we get in response is not conversion but accommodation.

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The dynamic at work is the highly socialized instinct of a people whose passion for connectedness will make them adapt but not really convert. This brings me to another key concept that is useful Toshiba Satellite A500 Microsoft PlayReady contextualizing the gospel in this culture. This is to make a distinction between core values or core traits and surface values or traits. Core values are those that belong to the deep structures, the root metaphors that define a people and describe a culture and rarely change through time.

The sense of connectedness, of group-centeredness, is a Filipino core value. It does not change through time or geography. Professionals in New York or domestic helpers in Hongkong respond to the same pull of communal life, whether a fiesta at times Square or a Sunday outing at Statue Square. Surface values are usually maladaptions, surface Toshiba Satellite A500 Microsoft PlayReady acquired as coping mechanisms, survival techniques learned through centuries of colonial experience, like the kanya-kanya syndrome or the so-called talangka mentality. We should be careful not to account to culture what are really accidents of history or a product of social arrangements. These, through time, tend to disappear once the social system returns to more normal function. The core values and traits frame our meaning system.

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It is within this infraculture that the gospel has to make sense. Contextual communication then is developing a message and communicating it within the thought forms of a culture.


It is not merely adapting for the consumption of local people a formulation that has served its uses elsewhere. The following is an example of how this process of contextualization from within actually works. To the pagans at Lystra, he brought good news of the living God who made heaven and earth, and gives rain and fruitful seasons, satisfying their hearts with food and gladness. Instead, he identified themes that were significant to the culture and crafted a message of hope that connected with his hearers. What is the good news to Filipinos? What is that which to us would be really good news if only someone listened to us long enough to be able to tell us what we need to hear?

Let me cite just one or two core themes. We use the tagapamagitan for healing ruptures in relationships, for advancing our cause in courtship, or for expressing feelings that are sensitive and Toshiba Satellite A500 Microsoft PlayReady sent indirectly. Jesus is like this, a reconciling God who makes peace with his blood and breaks down the dividing wall of hostility between us and those who have somehow been estranged from us. His blood is better than the blood of bulls and goats, or the entrails of chickens and pigs, for it is able to appease, not just the spirits, but the high god whose displeasure has made him distant from his own creation. He is the go-between God, the one who is able to mediate the power and presence of God.

This needs to be stressed in the light of the sense that the gods are distant and inaccessible. There is a deep longing in the culture for the gods to be present, even if only in the bullul or in the statues of numerous saints. It is unfortunate that when Protestants refer to 1 Timothy 2: Likewise, the image in Toshiba Satellite A500 Microsoft PlayReady of Jesus as a great high priest is important to a culture that turns to Mary precisely because she is human, an empathetic woman who understands us all and can well represent us to the Godhead. This, they say, is the Filipino sense of self. Free Download Toshiba Satellite A Microsoft PlayReady PC Runtime for Windows 7 x64 (Other Drivers & Tools).

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